Wednesday, 23 December 2009

The Family Cat - Jesus Christ

You lucky, lucky people... Look what Santa's pulled out of the bag just for you, this festive season. I was actually looking for another 7" with a Christmas theme, but this one turned up instead, so you're going to have another treat in, well, about a year.

This is a great cover of an Alex Chilton track, by the band who the phrase 'Indie stalwarts' could have been invented for, if indeed it had ever been invented. Yer main b-side is a karaoke version, so your family can start their very own Christmas tradition, right here, right now. The other b-sides are just silly, but what do you expect this time of year? And there's the most annoying exit groove loop yet - even more than the SFA ones.

Enjoy this, enjoy Christmas, enjoy New Year, best wishes to you all, and see you in 2010 for more partying like it's 1995...

1. Jesus Christ
2. Chill Out Ye Merry Gentlemen
3. Jesus Karaoke Christ
4. Christ Jesus

Ho ho ho.

Monday, 21 December 2009

Swell - The Trip 7"

You'll like this. Enough said, I know, my trusting readers, but this is really good. It also (and I didn't realise this until listening through again today) has the worst attempt at disguising the word "fucked" I've ever heard! Not even close. I guess this is the radio version...

You may know them already, but if you don't then this is a great way to find out. The single's off what I think is their best LP - 'Too Many Days Without Thinking' - but that's out of the only three of their records I know. I saw them years back at Dingwalls in London, and they were great. A proper band, this lot. You might get the idea from this song.

Anyway, putting aside the nonsense above, here is a great a-side, and two b-sides which must only just have missed the cut for the album. Especially 'Easy', which is a great track. Country rock, if you must know. But not that way. The good way.

1. (I Know) The Trip
2. So Would I
3. Easy

Here y'are.

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Pavement - Give It A Day 7"

Hey hey. This one's all about the sticker on the front - "containing extra track I Love Perth". You may have heard it, and the rest, on the Wowee Zowee special edition, but in case you haven't then here's a little treat. If you don't know Pavement (is there anyone here between 25 and 45 who falls into that category?) then this is a good place to start, followed by buying all their records in order...

The a-side is a great track, one of my favourite Pavement numbers. Some great lines, and a tune that will get stuck in your head, guaranteed. 'Gangsters & Pranksters' is also really good, with a killer last line. 'Sagasaw' is alright, but I could take it or leave it. 'I Love Perth', though, is what you're here for. Mike (you'll remember him as the chap who rated Leggy Mambo by Cud as maybe the greatest Indie LP ever) searched for it for years, having heard it on this single, and with good reason, as you're about to find out.

1. Give It A Day
2. Gangsters & Pranksters
3. Sagasaw
4. I Love Perth


Monday, 7 December 2009

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Train #3/#1 7"

What are the chances? Both tracks on this 7" are exactly 2:03 long. I know. That's the kind of coincidence that makes you wonder, doesn't it..?

Enough of this nonsense. I don't really know anything about either of these songs, other than they're both great. I can't tell you if they're off an LP, or a series of singles, or what. I can't remember where I bought this record, either. What I do know is that 'Train #3' includes a lot of shouting of "explosion", which you can't knock. 'Train #1" has an awesome start. They're both noisy, and they are 100% superb. Really, really great. And it came with a jukebox insert.

"All aboard... THE BLUES EXPLOSION!"

Tickets and fares here.

p.s. I can't help noticing that, after being up for nearly 24 hours, no-one has listened to this record. I should impress upon you all that it is superb, and you should check it out.

Sunday, 29 November 2009

Super Furry Animals - Moog Droog EP

Who says I'm not good to you folks? Here, as promised, is the other SFA EP from back in late 1995, before their big break with Creation. This one has an early version (I think it's different to the LP version, anyway) of 'God! Show Me Magic', which was on the first album. This one, like the previous post, is full of good stuff, so I hope you enjoy it as much as I did when I rediscovered it the other day!

I had a listen to 'Dark Days/Light Years' on Spotify yesterday, flushed with my success of getting round to putting the post up, and it confirmed what I'd suspected for some time - the first album really is their best, in my opinion. The others have plenty of good tracks on them, but there's just something about 'Fuzzy Logic' that does it for me. You can buy 'Fuzzy Logic' and 'Radiator' as one of those double-pack CDs, by the way, and if you don't have them then I'd recommend getting hold of it. I bought 'Radiator' on double-LP, way back, and it plays at 45rpm and lasts about 35 minutes. That's simultaneously very cool and very annoying.

1. PamV?
2. God!Show Me Magic
3. Sali Mali
4. Focus Pocus
4 ½. Debiel

It's here.

Saturday, 28 November 2009

Super Furry Animals - Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogochynygofod (in space) EP

Here's a treat for y'all. It's the first SFA EP, which came out in 1995, and you won't be too surprised to hear that it holds the world record for the longest EP title ever. This came out before they signed to Creation, on the Ankst label, and somehow I was unusually cool for an afternoon and bought it. Maybe someone told me to. Anyhew, I picked this up somewhre, and also the Moog Droog EP which came out a few months later - which I will post in the future.

The tracks on here are great. Really classic early SFA sounds, all of them, and in Welsh a lot of/all the time. They also put an infinte exit-groove on both sides of this EP, hence the fade-outs! End end of track four, plus the exit groove, are superb. None of the tracks on this record made it on to the first LP, but they are well worth a listen - just the sound of these songs this will take you back...

1. Organ Yn Dy Geg
2. Fix Idris
3. Crys Ti
4. Blerwytirhwng

Here he is. And after the overwhelming response to my question about shifting from Rapidshare (one reply, in favour), it's on Mediafire. Enjoy.

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Change of storage?

Hello all.

I've been having a bit of trouble getting stuff off Rapidshare recently - keeps saying that there aren't enough slots for free users at the moment, and I should try later... Is this happening to everyone? Would you prefer me to switch to Mediafire or similar? Please let me know.


Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Teenage Fanclub - Teenage Fanclub Have Lost It

Picture the scene... It's 1995, and with £1.49 (in cash) I wander into HMV on Oxford Street. I'm pretty up on what's coming out - I read the NME, listen to Mark and Lard on Radio 1. But... What's this? It's an unexpected gem from Teenage Fanclub! I don't know what the story is behind it, if there is one, but you have here a little EP with an acoustic version of a song from each of the first four LPs. They're played on instruments including (and I quote) shakers, Ibanez analog delay, crotales, flageolet and treble recorder.

It needs no introduction, so please ignore all that. It is:

1. Don't Look Back
2. Everything Flows
3. Starsign
4. 120 Mins.

It's been a while, but here's some more TFC. I've dug out a load of other good stuff too, which will appear shortly...

Sunday, 15 November 2009

The Southwest Experimental Pop Band - Skinny 7"

Here's a rarity for y'all. This is The Southwest Experimental Pop Band's 1995 single, the first on their Swarf Finger label, from a limited run of 500. They changed their name fairly early on to The Experimental Pop Band, and did at least a couple of Peel Sessions. If you can find anything else by them then I recommend having a listen to it - it's all good. This was around the heyday of the Bristol 'trip-hop' scene, with Tricky, Massive Attack and Portishead the most famous (and long-lived) of the bands.

The SWEPB were great, though, and not anything like as appreciated as they should be. Their drummer also recorded a demo for a band I was in many, many years ago, and was an exceptionally patient man. I hope you enjoy this as much as I have been, and if anyone's interested I have at least one more 12" of theirs kicking around.

1. Skinny
2. 20th Century Tack

It's yer.

Friday, 13 November 2009

Cud - Sticks And Stones 12"

A friend of mine (hello Mike) saw that I'd been listening to Cud, and stated that their third LP, 'Leggy Mambo' may be the best Indie album ever. Who am I to argue? That said, here's a single off their last (and fifth) record - 'Showbiz'. It's on eMusic, along with 'Leggy Mambo' and 'Elvis Belt', but sadly not 'Asquarius' which was the one I first got into, and so has a special place in my heart. I've got into the rest of their stuff since then, and recommend all of it - there's even a 'best of' if you're feeling lazy.

If you don't know this band, I'd suggest this single is a good place to start. Also, it contains one of my favourite Cud songs ever; 'Ski Bum'. The other two b-sides (those were the days... 12" single, 45rpm, great a-side, three b-sides you'd never heard before, and some more songs on the CD...) are good too.

Lovely stuff. I really recommend this one - been meaning to post it for ages!

1. Sticks And Stones
2. Ski Bum
3. Down The Plug
4. My Keyhole Don't Keep Secrets Anymore

Here's a donkey with a Fez on.

Sunday, 8 November 2009

The Housemartins - Happy Hour and Caravan Of Love 7"s

Hello hello hello. I'm shifting decades today, for one night only, and sending y'all back to 1986. I went for a wander around a little town called Nailsworth in Somerset the other day, and in an RSPCA charity shop found a mass of 80s 7"s. Most of them weren't too good, or I had them already, but I couldn't resist these two. It was quite a collection - I guess some poor chap must have died and they were given away; a lot of them had the date of release, chart position, that kind of thing written on the covers.

Anyway, enough with the story. I don't have to tell you much about these, surely? Both great singles, especially 'Happy Hour', and good b-sides too. I couldn't resist them, and however much of a music snob you think you are, I doubt you can either... Go on... No-one will ever know...

Happy Hour
1. Happy Hour
2. The Mighty 'Ship

Caravan Of Love
1. Caravan Of Love
2. When I First Met Jesus

Here's Happy Hour, and here's Caravan Of Love.

Friday, 30 October 2009

Spare Snare - Bugs

Hey hey. Today's excitement is a 7" from what I thought was, until I looked on Wikipedia (sorry), an obscure Scottish indie band. Turns out that, while still obscure, they're not as obscure as I thought, and have seven LPs to their name, plus four Peel sessions. This single is superb. Really, really good.

I have one other single by them, which isn't too good, so I never looked out for any more. But this record is great, and if anyone can recommend me an album or two to get started, please do. The b-side is good too, but the single is just brilliant. Go on - treat yourself, Indie-lovers.

1. Bugs (Goodbye Jan)
2. Scrabble


Saturday, 24 October 2009

Black Box Recorder - Child Psychology

Here's something miserable for you - I know what you folks like. This is a single by the second (successful) band that Luke Haines was in, the first being The Auteurs (and I'd thoroughly recommend checking some of their stuff out - 1993's "New Wave" is a great record). Both the a- and b-sides are off their first album, "England Made Me", and I'd have to be honest and say the a-side isn't one of my favourites on the LP. That said, the b-side is great, and you might well like the a-side too, depending on what mood you're in...

They played at the Nick Sanderson (from Earl Brutus) tribute concert, and there you have a seamless link to my Earl Brutus post of a few weeks back. That, my friends, is quality blogging.

1. Child Psychology
2. Girl Singing In The Wreckage


Sunday, 18 October 2009

UPDATED Urusei Yatsura / Mogwai / Backwater - Split Tour 7"

Right. Sorry for any confusion, and thanks to Rob for pointing it out, but I'd screwed up the track listing/tracks for this post. I've re-upped it, and the new listing is below. Rather than a long version of 'Phasers', it's actually two Urusei tracks, but one - 'Pachinko (live)' - isn't listed on the 7". I'd also put up the Mogwai track twice, because I am a fool. Backwater's there now.

Second in October's short series (of two) tour 7"s from some time ago... This one is a split between two of Scotland's finest (Urusei Yatsura and Mogwai), and one of Ulster's most-forgotten (Backwater). A little reading around tells me that (as well as previously appearing in my blog) they supported Sebadoh and Def Leppard in their now sadly neglected career.

This 7" was handed to the first 50 people through the doors of the tour that these three bands did in 1996, where U.Y. were supported by an up-and-coming Mogwai for half the dates, and by Backwater for the others. I saw them with Backwater at the Moles Club in Bath, where I also once lost a jumper.

The Urusei and Mogwai tracks are live, and the former is a good version of an album track where they turn into Pavement halfway through (no they don't - see above). The Backwater one is a demo, I think. Apologies for the poor quality of the vinyl (and the original recordings), but you're not going to find this stuff anywhere else!

1. Mogwai - Summer
2. Backwater - Summer 17
3. Urusei Yatsura - Phasers (Live)
4. Urusei Yatsura - Pachinko (Live)


Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Tortoise / Stereolab - Split 7"

New job. That's my excuse. But here's something special for y'all to get your ears into, by way of apology for the delay.

This was a split 7" by these two, which they were selling at shows on the tour they did many years back. I caught them at the Bierkeller in Bristol, which is one of the few venues which still exists from my childhood (the Mauritania, anyone?) Anyway, I'm sure you don't really care, so on with the music.

They're both pretty good examples of the bands, so if by any chance you haven't come across these guys before then maybe this will turn you on to some good music. If you get a chance, I'd recommend getting hold of 'Millions Now Living Will Never Die' by Tortoise, which I also picked up at the same gig. Stereolab's albums all sound pretty much the same, but that's not to say you shouldn't try a few of those too. The Tortoise track on this 7" is kind of hypnotic, and I like it a lot. Stereolab's one is also hypnotic, in a different way, and I think you'll enjoy it.

1. Tortoise - YAUS
2. Stereolab - Speedy Car


Thursday, 24 September 2009

Earl Brutus - The S.A.S. And The Glam That Goes With It

Here's something nuts. You may remember these guys, and if you ever saw them live you'll remember for sure. Their sets were pretty famous for chaos, including smashing up their gear in the first song, stuff like that. Neon signs. Garage forecourt signs. All good stuff.

This is a 1997 single, which captures a bit of the chaos. It's a good track, and I recommend listening to it, as well as seeking out some more. The b-side is surprisingly addictive, despite being (as it sounds) recorded in someone's front room, and then produced in the kitchen. The tunes, though, it's all about the tunes. Enjoy 'e. There's some proper punk ethic going on here, in so many ways. Great.

It's also a very, very late tribute to Nick Sanderson, the singer, who died in June 2008, having lived his dream as a train driver for four years or so.

1. The S.A.S. And The Glam That Goes With It
2. Midland Red


Wednesday, 23 September 2009

R.E.M. - Electrolite

So here's one I'd forgotten all about. Uploaded it a while back, and then didn't end up posting it. All is well, though, and it's here for your enjoyment. From the same ill-advised experimental scanning session as E-Bow The Letter from a little while back, so apologies if you can't really make anything out on the cover.

Anyway, you're only here for the music, and there's some good stuff on here. The single itself is excellent, off New Adventures In HiFi (which I may have mentioned previously as a favourite of mine, REM-wise). I know the b-sides are live tracks, which I'm not usually that into, but these ones are cracking versions of other tunes off the album. The remix is pretty good too, well worth a listen anyway.

1. Electrolite
2. The Wake-Up Bomb [Live] Atlanta
3. Binky The Doormat [Live] Atlanta
4. King Of Comedy (808 State Remix)

Oi! Over here!

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Badly Drawn Boy - EP3

Another treat. This time it's an old, old Badly Drawn Boy EP, off 7". I remember being told about this guy back in the day (the late 90s) and how his live shows were pretty weird, and I should look out for these EPs. There were three of them in all, but being a little slow at these things I only got hold of this one. I'm sure if you look hard enough the other two are around...

You know what? It's really good. I've kind of gone off him as he gets more Radio 2-friendly, but I still listen every now and then. However, this EP is great. Track 2 is a 'proper' song, after track 1's experimental-ness, and then tracks 3 and 4 are proper songs over a load of noise. You can't say fairer than that. The guy has an ear for a tune, and I hope you enjoy this. It came out about a year and a half before the first LP.

1. Spooky Driver
2. I Need A Sign
3. Meet On The Horizon
4. Road Movie

Right here, right now.

Palace - Come In / Trudy Dies 7"

Hey hey. It's been a while, eh? Sorry about that. Hope you haven't missed me as much as I've missed y'all. Had a pretty crazy month or so, but things are back to somewhere near normal.

So, by way of an apology for the delay, I have a treat for you. This is more Palace (Will Oldham/Bonnie 'Prince' Billy/Palace Songs/Palace Music/others), and although I said the last Palace Songs post had my favourite of their songs on it, I've changed my mind again. Both tracks off this single are, I think, only on this single (and a collection of b-sides and rarities which came out later), and both are superb. 'Trudy Dies' is just an amazing, amazing song. So sad. I hope you come to love it as much as I do.

Enough rambling - enjoy.

1. Come In
2. Trudy Dies


Saturday, 29 August 2009

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Experimental Remixes

So here's a big ol' EP for y'all to listen to. All (except 'Tour Diary') are remixes of what were already great tracks off the LP 'Orange', by various luminaries of the time (and indeed still now). Some of them are as you might expect, especially Beck (which he sings on) and Moby (which sounds like a Moby track). 'Tour Diary' is a 17:13 epic, with bits of live (practice?) recordings, bits of interviews (q: "can a white man sing the blues?" a: "... he shaves his eyebrows.") I have to be honest and say I've not made it all the way through track 7, but I'm sure someone out there is braver than me.

I don't have the original CD with me now, so I can't be sure, but it seems that the labelling of tracks 2 and 3 is wrong, as Beck is clearly singing on track 3 - these listings are what iTunes told me. Either way, it's all good, and I won't be offended if you change the names.

1. Bellbottoms (Old Rascal Mix - U.N.K.L.E.)
2. Flavor Part 1 (Beck)
3. Flavor Part 2 (Mike D)
4. Soul Typecast (Dub Narcotic Sound System)
5. Greyhound Part 1 (Moby)
6. Greyhound Part 2 (Featuring Killah Priest)
7. Tour Diary

It's right here...

p.s. Although August hasn't exactly been a flurry of posts, September's going to be even worse, as I won't be around for the first couple of weeks - check back soon!

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

The Divine Comedy - The Frog Princess

Here's a band that, whenever I listen to them, I wish I knew a bit more of their stuff. I've just never really got round to it, apart from singles, and watching a live DVD once. They (he, really) are very, very good though. Great lyrics, and great tunes too. This one is a prime example, as are the b-sides. The 'demo' b-side is a great example of what you can do with a Casio and some talent... 'Tonight We Fly' is a fine song too.

If you like this, or even if you don't, you should check out The Duckworth Lewis Method album. It's all about cricket, which we English are right back into since Sunday (even while I'm in Tokyo, where just two bars in a city about 15 times bigger than London were showing it).

Anyway, enough of this. Enjoy Mr Hannon at his very finest.

1. The Frog Princess
2. Something Before The Weekend (Demo)
3. Neptune's Daughter
4. Tonight We Fly

Fact into doubt won't go.

Monday, 24 August 2009

Garbage - Stupid Girl

I started buying the 7"s by these guys just after they released the last one which is still worth a fortune. I think I have one in a cardboard cover with a kind of hologram on the front, but it was the early ones which you can sell for a bucketload of money. Or you used to be able to, for sure.

Anyway, this is a good track, and I was reminded how good when I listened to it earlier this evening. The b-sides are good too, especially the Red Snapper mix, which is great, and highly recommended. If you like either of the bands you'll enjoy it. 'Driving Lesson' does, I'd have to say, sound a little like it wouldn't have made an album, but the mixes are cool. If you don't know the band at all then 'Stupid Girl' is quite a good introduction, you should check out the first LP if you like it.

1. Stupid Girl
2. Driving Lesson
3. Dog New Tricks (The Pal Mix)
4. Stupid Girl (Red Snapper Mix)

Here you go.

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Placebo - Teenage Angst

Given that this is my second Placebo post, it must give the impression I'm a big fan. I'm not, to be honest, but I was really into their first LP a few years back, so have got various singles off it.

This one wins its place because it was a two-7" set, which went into its own gatefold sleeve. Sweet. I don't have long to tell you about it, but essentially it's of interest to Placebo fans, b-side wise, until you get to the last track - 'H.K. Farewell' - which is great. The rest aren't so good (but if you like the band you'll enjoy hearing them).

The single itself was the first track I ever heard by them, on a John Peel show many years ago, and loved it. It's still a killer tune, but my God those lyrics should have warned me about the rest of their career...

7" one:
1. Teenage Angst
2. Been Smoking Too Long
3. Hug Bubble

7" two:
1. Teenage Angst (Amsterdam V.P.R.O. Session)
2. Flesh Mechanic (Demo)
3. H.K. Farewell

First 7" is here, second is here. Enjoy! (And sorry about the crappy vinyl!)

Sunday, 9 August 2009

The Pastels - Worlds Of Possibility

Hey hey. Sorry for the delay, but I've been having all kinds of trouble sorting out the internet in Japan, the home of modern technology... Masters of hardware, but not of software. Teenage Fanclub were playing a festival in Tokyo tonight, but I checked ticket prices and they clocked in at over £120 just for today. Goddamnit. I did see Lee Ranaldo near a record shop in Shibuya yesterday, though.

So, this is The Pastels, who were (are?) one of Scotland's finest under-rated bands, along with The BMX Bandits and others. This track is off 'Mobile Safari', which is an awesome record, and if you like this you'll love that album. And you'll love 'Truckload Of Trouble' even more. The single is great, and is reprised at the end of track 4 - a hidden track on a single, how cool is that? The first two b-sides are classic Pastels, especially track 3's singing, and track 4 is a cover, but I don't know who did the original. Anyone..?

1. Worlds Of Possibility
2. Photogram
3. Ever Far
4. Love It's Getting Better


Thursday, 30 July 2009

Royal Trux - Map Of The City

This reminded me how good these guys could be. It's a great track on the a-side, and the b-side went from dreadful (on first listen) to amazing (on third), so give it a chance! It's a blues/Hammond/rock/production masterpiece. I saw them years ago supporting Teenage Fanclub, which was a pretty weird combination, and then picked this up on purple tie-dyed 7"... Those were the days.

If you like it, and it may be a bit of an acquired taste, I would recommend the albums 'Thank You' and 'Accelerator'. I only say this because they're the only two I know, mind, but I have a feeling that they didn't always manage to match the quality of those two. Give them a go...

1. Map Of The City
2. National Mother

They're heeeeeere.

I'm off to Tokyo for six weeks or so, so I have no idea whether I'll be able to post anything for a while. I will if I can. If I can't, then please come back in September and normal (patchy) service will be resumed...

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

R.E.M. - E-Bow The Letter

Here's some more R.E.M., again from 'New Adventures In HiFi'. If you ask me (and maybe they should have) it's a weird choice for first single off an album, but it worked in the UK where this was, apparently, their highest-placing single up to that point. It was also their lowest-placing US single for ten years. I'm sure that tells you something, but I have no idea what. Maybe you folks in the States don't like Patti Smith (for she sings backing).

'Tricycle' is a kind of rockabilly number, instrumental, twangy. The sound-check version of 'Departure' is kind of sparse, but with a load more organ (and more rocking drums) than on the album. I like it. There's also a cover of Richard Thompson's 'Wall Of Death', which is very well worth hearing. Give it a go.

I liked the cover of this, so scanned both sides in full. Something seems to have gone wrong putting them up here, though (they're kind of pixelated), but you get the idea. I have another R.E.M. one ready for sometime soon.

1. E-Bow The Letter
2. Tricycle
3. Departure (Rome Soundcheck)
4. Wall Of Death

The bearded lady is here.

Saturday, 25 July 2009

Dinosaur Jr - Take A Run At The Sun

Sorry for the delay, but I can assure you it's been worth the wait...

Firstly, just look at that cover. Great, eh? Now, if you don't know Dinosaur Jr then you should be aware that this isn't typical of them at all. If you do know them then the same applies, I guess. Either way, you should go out and buy Farm, which has just come out and is very very well worth a listen.

This is off the soundtrack for a film I've never seen called 'Grace Of My Heart". Unless that's a windup on the sleeve notes. Has anyone seen it? It has Matt Dillon in it, playing (it says here) "a guy-who-is-similar-to-but-definitely-not-Brian-Wilson", and the a-side is veeeeeery Beach Boys. Track 2 is his attempt to recover the lost innocence of his earlier life, and 3 is his drugged-out weird phase. Nice jew's harp in this one.

All you really need to know is that 'Take A Run At The Sun' is just superb. Give it a listen.

1. Take A Run At The Sun
2. Don't You Think It's Time
3. The Pickle Song

It's time.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Inspiral Carpets - Bitches Brew (CDs 1 & 2)

Great stuff this. I guarantee this will take you back... Here's a band which seem to have been a little forgotten in the grand scheme of things, but they had some brilliant songs. This EP is a good place to start if you don't know them, as it's stuffed with live 'best of' b-sides (and a killer a-side), so I hope you like it. Them. I hope you like them.

They did a track with Mark E Smith on a later album, which is well worth seeking out. I'm now desperately trying to recall what it was (Saturn 5? Certainly on the same album), but perhaps one of you folks can remind me? Anyway, if you like this I recommend finding some more. If you don't, well, I'll send the Clint Boon Experience round your house to duff you up.

1. Bitches Brew
2. Mermaid (live)
3. Born Yesterday (live)
4. Sleep Well Tonight (live)

1. Bitches Brew (Fortran 5 Horse Mix)
2. Dragging You Down (live)
3. Smoking Her Clothes (live)
4. Fire (live)

One is here, two is here.

Pure Morning - All The Guests Smile So Sweetly

I know, I know. You feel let down, rejected, unloved and unwanted. I have rather neglected you folks this month, and so to make up for it you get not one, not two but THREE singles today. And this one, which is (again) Pure Morning - the band who became Clinic - is worth £44 on 7", which is what you have right here. I don't believe that for a second, but I like to think that I'm saving you guys a fortune.

What you get is a great a-side, a great b-side (both of those are a little dependent on whether you like this band), and a song I LOVE as the third track. I lost this single for ages, and was very excited to find it again. The track is 'Dress Up', and perhaps it's just nostalgia, but I think it's brilliant. Hope you do too.

1. All The Guests Smile So Sweetly
2. Severed Cuts Up
3. Dress Up


Tuesday, 7 July 2009

China Drum - Can't Stop These Things 7"

I haven't scanned the little sticker which is on the front of the plastic sleeve for this record, but if I had then you would see the thrilling words "Includes Wuthering Heights". It says this because this single includes Wuthering Heights. I had never heard the Kate Bush song before I heard their version, and so her original came as something of a surprise. I suspect you folks are more musically educated than I was then, so hopefully you'll find this version something of a surprise. I think it's great.

Saw this band in a tiny venue in Bristol called The Lousiana, and they were brilliant. Singing drummer and all. The LP this single is taken from (good single it is too) is called Goose Fair, and worth seeking out. They had another one later which isn't all that.

1. Can't Stop These Things
2. Wuthering Heights

Newcastle's finest are here.

Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Madder Rose - The Love You Save 7"

Now here's a weird thing... I was going to put this up, just on the strength of it being an amazing cover of my favourite Jackson 5 song, and then he! So now it looks like a tribute, which I guess it is.

This was a single out of the blue in 1995, and it's great. The b-side is also really good, one of their own songs, but this one's all about the Jackson 5.

I'm going to put up a 7" with a Kate Bush cover as the b-side next, so I hope she's being careful crossing the road.

1. The Love You Save
2. Diane

RIP Jacko (and Swells).

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Orbital - The Box

Now for something completely different. I was reminded of this a couple of times recently, once when someone on the radio suggested it was the scariest song they knew, and once when Michael Evis was talking about them playing Glastonbury in... 1996? I was lucky enough to be there, and it was a pretty special moment.

This is a great single, and the b-sides are completely different versions of it, which might as well be different songs. The first is a kind of atmospheric, dark kind of thing, and the second is more harpsichord-based. The vocal one has vocals on it, see?

1. The Box (radio edit)
2. The Box (untitled version)
3. The Box (another untitled version)
4. The Box (vocal reprise)

Go to it.

Friday, 19 June 2009

The Flaming Lips - This Here Giraffe

Isn't it beautiful... I seem to remember that, for the short time that shaped CDs were popular, Kylie claimed to have brought out the first one. The Flaming Lips disagreed, as this CD says it is the world's first shaped CD. It looks kind of interesting, and it works, but it makes a hell of a noise when you put it in a computer.

The music lives up to the star, too. The single is great (off Clouds Taste Metallic, which is my favourite Lips album), and the two b-sides are Peel sessions from 1992. It's a shame I wasn't so into them at the time it came out as I became later, as the other CD of this had a cover of 'Life On Mars' - anyone have it? The second session track is, along with the single, one of their best tunes. I hope you like this more than my 8 year-old cousin did in 1996, when he described it as 'rubbish'. Needless to say he couldn't be more wrong.

1. This Here Giraffe
2. The Sun (live Peel session)
3. Hit Me Like You Did The First Time (live Peel session)

This here.

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Primal Scream - If They Move, Kill 'Em

Here is what 12" singles were all about. Four tracks, remixes, covers... Great stuff. The a-side is a My Bloody Valentine mix of the track, with Kevin Sheilds playing on it, and it is fantastic. Some proper noise. I really liked the LP this came off (Xtrmntr), and although I'm not sure it went down too well generally I recommend checking it out. This remix fits nicely with the album, sonically speaking.

The other b-sides are Jesus & Mary Chain songs, also well worth a listen. This one's all about the a-side, though...

1. If They Move, Kill 'Em (My Bloody Valentine Arkestra)
2. Darklands
3. If They Move, Kill 'Em (12" Disco Mix)
4. Badlands

Here you go.

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Palace Songs - Hope

This is going to be a one-off of sorts, in that it's not a single but a proper EP. Singles are there to promote an album, on the whole, as well as (good ones) standing alone - with their b-sides, but I'm not sure how I feel about putting this up, seeing as it's a kind of mini-album. Originally I was going to post a single off Viva Last Blues, and then decided I wanted you folks to hear one of my favourite songs ever.

This is Will Oldham (Palace, Palace Music, Bonnie 'Prince' Billy and several others), and I'd say it's a pretty good introduction if you don't know him already. There's four of his songs, a Leonard Cohen cover, and 'Christmastime In The Mountains', which is a cover, but I don't know who did the original - anyone know? This song is genius. I love it. Let me know what you think.

If you like it then I'd recommend getting on and having a listen to some more - he's put out tons of stuff, and my personal favourites are Viva Last Blues, I See A Darkness and Beware, but there's not a duffer among them.

1. Agnes, Queen Of Sorrow
2. Untitled
3. Winter Lady
4. Christmastime In The Mountains
5. All Gone, All Gone
6. Werner's Last Blues To Blokbuster

Here y'are.

Friday, 5 June 2009

Screaming Trees - Nearly Lost You 12"

Here's the start of something good... I've got the soundcard working, and the 12"s are now free! So, let's start with some proper rock, like you used to grow your hair to. Mark Lanegan was the main man in Screaming Trees, as you probably know, prior to being the guest on 50% of all records released this century. It's just such a good song, and the b-sides are all brilliant too - especially the Small Faces cover. It's one of my great musical regrets that I didn't see them in Bristol when they played there many years back...

I'll apologise right now for the artwork that you're going to get off 12"s, as I don't have a scanner which will cope with that size. I guess I could take photos of them. Well, let's see if I can be bothered. Meanwhile, enjoy this one.

1. Nearly Lost You
2. E.S.K.
3. Song Of A Baker
4. Winter Song

Come get some

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Guided By Voices - Clown Prince Of The Menthol Trailer

Here's a risky one. They are one of my all-time favourite bands, and if you already like GbV you'll understand, and you'll enjoy this. If you already don't like them then you'll continue in your misguided ways. However, if you're not aware of them then this is an interesting introduction, which you may love. Or hate. Or not be bothered either way. It has seven tracks in about ten minutes, which is a sure sign of greatness. Picks are tracks 1, 6 and 7, but it's not like you'll waste a whole load of your life listening to the lot.

If you like this, or even if your interest is piqued, I would recommend Human Amusements At Hourly Rates, which is their best-of. And Vampire On Titus. And Bee Thousand. And Alien Lanes. And Same Place The Fly Got Smashed. And any of these.

And you really should check out Planets Are Blasted by Boston Spaceships, which is Robert Pollard's (the main GbV man) new band.

1. Matter Eater Lad
2. Broadcastor House
3. Hunter Complex
4. Pink Gun
5. Scalping The Guru
6. Grandfather Westinghouse
7. Johnny Appleseed

GbV! GbV! GbV! GbV!

Monday, 1 June 2009

Manic Street Preachers - The Masses Against The Classes

I have (excuse the pun) masses of Manics singles, variously on CD and vinyl, dating back to when I was pretty obsessed with them in the Generation Terrorists - Everything Must Go phase. Got kind of disappointed after that, and then downright appalled, but they seem to have picked right up again on the new album (and Send Away The Tigers was alright, too).

This single was a little extra which came out on 10" and CD between This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours (which I really didn't like) and Know Your Enemy (which had, as I recall, one decent track and about 18 fillers). But anyway, 'The Masses Against The Classes' is a really good track, and it gave us all hope that they'd got right back to their best. Indeed, ten years later they had.

1. The Masses Against The Classes
2. Close My Eyes
3. Rock And Roll Music

Remember when they got good again, before they got bad again, before they got good again here.

p.s. Let me know if you're interested in more Manics stuff, because I can put some up for sure. They've released quite a lot of it on a compilation (Lipstick Traces), though, so you may have it already. Any requests?

Friday, 29 May 2009

Massive Attack - Intertia Creeps

Perhaps not stylistically entirely in keeping with the rest of the blog, but you gotta branch out, right? In my opinion Mezzanine is the best Massive Attack record (I never really liked Blue Lines that much. Does that make me a bad person?) and this is a good single off it. There's one proper b-side, which is also good, although you can tell why it wasn't on the album.

The remixes are what this single's all about - and the first one's by the Manic Street Preachers! I seem to remember that Massive Attack remixed one of their tracks at a similar time, but I don't remember which (anyone?) They've done a good job. The Alpha mix is kind of loungey, and the State of Bengal mix includes members of Ananda Shankar's band. 'Back/Shecomes' is also a remix, but they've chopped the vocals around.

Good stuff this. Horizon-widening, if somehow you don't know these guys. Sorry about the slightly shonky artwork, but I can't make my scanner work today so I've nicked it off someone else.

1. Inertia Creeps (album version)
2. Reflection
3. Inertia Creeps (Manic Street Preachers version)
4. Inertia Creeps (Alpha mix)
5. Back/Shecomes
6. Inertia Creeps (State of Bengal mix)

Here you are. Now go and play in the sun.

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Superchunk - Mower

This single has as a b-side one of the greatest songs ever recorded; 'On The Mouth'. I could go on about the band for hours, I could get all emotional about travelling over 6,000 kilometres to see them. But I won't. I will give very simple instructions:

a) click here
b) enjoy the a-side, not one of their absolute finest, but a good 'un nevertheless
c) be converted by 'On The Mouth'
d) listen to 'Fishing' and know that if you like this you will like anything they ever put out (it's not 100% great)
e) have another beer, and take the toob!

I hope I have made this clear. It is not an optional download. You must hear 'On The Mouth' before you die.

1. Mower
2. On The Mouth
3. Fishing (live)

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Morrissey - Roy's Keen

I'm slightly reticent about posting a Morrissey single, as I suspect that after The Smiths and the two or three good Morrissey records you probably fall into the camp of having everything he's ever released tattooed on you, or you don't really care. This one, however, I came across in a box, and a few days later read that it hasn't been included on the recent remastered/rearranged version of the album it came from (Maladjusted, originally 1997). Weird. I think it's a great song.

Well, if you have bought the remaster, then here's a song which should have been on it. Maybe he's still peeved that it didn't make the charts when he'd already recorded a performance for Top Of The Pops (I know I would be). If you have it already, then there's a decent b-side and a not quite so good one, but both worth an ear.

1. Roy's Keen
2. Lost
3. The Edges Are No Longer Parallel

Heeeeeeere's Morrissey.

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Foo Fighters - This Is A Call

Jim, I have no idea what you're into, but if you're interested in the Foo Fighters then this is for you, in spanking high bitrate quality. You made a good point on the chatbox, and I guess the only answer is habit - 160kbps is my usual for the iPod, in the hope of not filling it up weekly! I promise to do better in future - if anyone wants anything re-upped at a higher bitrate just let me know.

This was the first Foo Fighters single, who I reckon must rank up there with Supergrass in looking like the most fun bands to be in, ever. Yer man Grohl was never meant to be a drummer... I reckon this is a killer single, and the b-sides are both pretty good too - first one is very much of its time, but the second is a timeless punky-workout! Good stuff. I hope you like.

1. This Is A Call
2. Winnebago
3. Podunk

It's not raining here.

Monday, 18 May 2009

The Wannadies - Shorty (CD2)

Last night I had a dream. I don't remember much of it, but I do remember it was about trying to get a bus somewhere, and they kept driving off without me, or not opening their doors, or telling me they were going to the wrong place. I got on one eventually, and the driver was Norwegian. I was the only passenger, and put the bag and bass guitar I was carrying on the luggage bit behind him, and for some reason took out the guitar and explained to him that it was Swedish.

In homage to my dream, here is a Swedish band doing what the Swedish do best - pop. The single is great, and the first b-side is also really good. Second b-side is a different (much shorter) version of the last track on the album, and while it's much more chilled it's also well worth a listen.

I saw these guys years ago at one of the rainy Glastonburys, early in the morning, and they brightened up the whole festival. I have a lot of time for them, and hope you do too.

1. Shorty
2. Taking The Easy Way Out
3. That's All (The Livingstone Version)


Saturday, 16 May 2009

Teenage Fanclub - Scotland on Sunday CD

Guess what I found? You've probably figured it out. This post doesn't fit with the mid-90s thing, as it's a free CD with the Scotland on Sunday newspaper which came out only a few years ago. However, it has a track on it from the early-90s, and it's Teenage Fanclub, so automatically gets a place.

I don't live in Scotland, so ended up having to buy this off eBay, as it has some tracks on it which aren't available anywhere else. The back of the sleeve has more information on them, so to save me typing it out... Hope you can read it.

I can tell you that 'Please Stay' (a b-side from one of the singles off 'Man-Made') is brilliant. How 'I Saw The Light' wasn't released for 15 years or so is just weird, because it's also great. And the alternative versions of a couple of my favourite TFC songs. It's just a great CD. Enjoy!

Here you go.

Friday, 15 May 2009

DMCA takedown notification

Well, there's a first for me. Apparently The Verve don't want what is essentially a promo for their album of 12 years ago posted up here. I guess this is the band who wouldn't let The Chart Show play their video a few years back unless it changed its logo, so maybe I shouldn't be surprised.

If you're desperate to get hold of the b-sides to 'The Drugs Don't Work' then there seem to be several places on the internet where they're dotted about. Careful though - you're being watched.

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Mercury Rev - Goddess On A Hiway

Here's a band I've been into for many years, but kind of come in and out of listening to. The first time I ever heard them was on a compilation tape someone made for me about 15 years ago - 'Chasing A Bee' was the track. I got that album ('Yerself Is Steam'), then lost track a bit, then bought 'See You On The Other Side' which nobody else seemed to like (I love it - you should try it).

'Deserters Songs', though, is a masterpiece, and this is one of the standout tracks from it. 'Ragtag' is the least likely Mercury Rev song you'll ever hear, and the cover of 'I Only Have Eyes For You' is superb. This is a gem, this single. Enjoy.

1. Goddess On A Hiway
2. Ragtag
3. I Only Have Eyes For You