Saturday, 9 April 2016

Ben Folds Five - Army CDS

Here's a great tune from BFF, as most of them are (until, in the way of these things, they reformed and weren't so good). I like this track a lot, as I do the whole of the LP it's taken from.

Track two is from the Godzilla soundtrack. Not the immediate band who'd spring to mind for a Godzilla movie, but I guess it fitted. I vaguely recall going to see the film at the time, and thinking it was shit. But I also seem to recall a lot of Godzilla films at one time or another, so perhaps the one this is from was amazing. The track is really good, very BFF of this period.

Number three is a really good instrumental, the sound of three excellent musicians at their peak, and I don't know anything more about it. Apparently it was on the Australian version of the LP, but I'd never heard it before. There was, apparently, no film/TV show/medical documentary with this name. So there. Enjoy it.

I'm back in Birmingham for a short trip next week, so hopefully will get another chance to scour the shelves at Swordfish for more good stuff.

1. Army
2. Air
3. Theme From "Dr Pyser"

Here you are.