Monday, 29 November 2010

Me Me Me - Hanging Around 7"

I know, I know. I promised something special. Well, this is something kind of interesting instead, and also a kind of definitive guide to the sound of 1996, in case anyone here wasn't sure what that sound was. You'll have to wait for the something special I'm afraid, when I have time on my hands again (maybe in 16 years or so).

Me Me Me were an indie-pop supergroup, if you will. Stephen Duffy (Duran Duran/The Lilac Time), Alex James (Blur), Justin Welch (Elastica) and Charlie Bloor (Charlie Bloor) got together to do some tracks for a Damien Hirst show, and this single was the result. The single itself is great, I reckon. But it probably polarises opinion, I'd think. Sounds like it would. It's a little like the more chirpy Blur tracks but without the piss-irritatingness. It's only 2 1/2 minutes long, if you can't stand it.

The b-side, funnily enough, sounds like early Blur. I like it too. I wonder how much input Alex James really had into Blur's songs..?

1. Hanging Around
2. Hollywood Wives

Here y'are.

Monday, 8 November 2010

Longpigs - Lost Myself 7"

It's been a pretty dramatic time for me/us recently, but I've found a little time to put up a little treat for all of you. I always forget how much I like this band, maybe because they were kind of over-exposed back in the day on the radio stations I used to listen to. Anyway, whenever I hear any of their tracks it reminds me.

This is not their most famous track, or even the second most, but I think it's a killer. Also it's on a 4-track 7", and that dates it to the heyday of the format in my opinion. The only disappointment is that it's not coloured vinyl too... The a-side is great, the first b-side is also great (was it ever released on anything else? It's proper catchy), second b-side is good but odd, and the last track is a Richard Hawley composition, well before he became Richard Hawley. If you see what I mean. He was in this band, see.

1. Lost Myself
2. Floss
3. The Wonder Drug
4. When You're Alone

It's right here. Please comment if you like it, that FSA post got over 35 downloads within about a week, and one thanks (which is much appreciated). If y'all are nice to me I have a proper treat up next..!