Thursday, 19 July 2012

Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds - Red Right Hand

Very, very long gaps between posts, again. Sorry again. I might just set up some kind of header that apologises at the start of every posting. But here I am again. Hope you're all well.

This is the 1994 single version of this song, which is shorter than the album one. Goes without saying how good it is, and not surprisingly it's one of the live constants at Bad Seeds shows. This was a charity shop find a little while back, as I only really got into Nick Cave at 'The Boatman's Call', a few years later. And then went back to everything else.

The b-sides are interesting on this one. Track 2 is very much a jazz one, all over the place, with some excellent lyrics. Track 3 I don't know anything about at all, but the music is surely too similar to 'Red Right Hand' to be a coincidence. Anyone?

1. Red Right Hand
2. That's What Jazz Is To Me
3. Where The Action Is

Here it is.