Monday, 9 April 2012

Tanya Donelly - The Bright Light CDS

Tanya Donelly isn't someone I've ever really been that into. Not through not liking her, but just kind of missed everything at the time. Not that she's stopped releasing stuff, right? But anyway... Belly were great, I was well into them, and The Breeders of course, but I'm always a bit suspicious of songwriters who go solo. It never works as well as being in a band; no-one to tell you that the song's shite.

Go on. Name one solo artist who's better than the band they were in.

This single, though, is very good. You can hear the Belly in it, which is no bad thing, and yeah, a really good song. I really like the first b-side, too, which is a bit heavier on rock and a bit lighter on production values. The third one's a nice slow atmospheric number. Good single overall, basically, and I hope you enjoy it.

1. The Bright Light
2. Bury My Heart
3. How Can You Sleep

Here she is.

Monday, 2 April 2012

James - Destiny Calling CDS

I listen to a lot of BBC 6music, and I'd recommend you do the same. Particularly Marc Riley and Tom Ravenscroft. But anyway, the station springs to mind because they like to play James periodically, and every time they do I remember that I really like them. Pretty solid output, too, there's a lot to like about all their albums, I'd say.

This is a good single, if not maybe one of their very best, but the b-sides are a nice little reminder of the heyday of the Reading Festival, when you used to tape it off Radio 1 (didn't you?) When I go back to these (or find DVDs of stuff from the era) I find myself recognising the chatting between songs and not knowing why.

This is CD2 of a 3-CD set. I don't think I ever had 1 and 3, so I can't tell you what you're missing. What you've got is pretty good, mind.

1. Destiny Calling
2. Jam J (Live At Reading '97)
3. Honest Joe (Live At Reading '97)
4. Sound (Live At Reading '97)

Hear it.