Wednesday, 31 October 2012

The Pastels - Thru' Your Heart / Firebell Ringing CDS

Well. Nearly missed October entirely. Never fear - there are still a few hours of Halloween left, so here's a completely unconnected post.


What's the point in singing in tune if you don't care? Now singing out of tune when you do care... I have a lot of time for that. Step forward Wayne Coyne, Some Velvet Sidewalk, and many others. And Stephen Pastel.

Paperhouse Records, home of the first Teenage Fanclub album, and a great double a-side. Especially 'Firebell Ringing', which was probably the first Pastels song I ever heard, and I never looked back. 'Thru' Your Heart' includes the line "You'd never let me, but I'd die for you." Sold enough yet?

The guitar solo at the end of track 3 is awesome. Track 4 is a triumph of freeform singing. Track 5 should never really have made it out of the home, but I love that it's on here.

It should be said, I think, that my wife really hates this band.

1. Thru' Your Heart
2. Firebell Ringing
3. My Heart's My Badge
4. Sign Across Me
5. Thru' Your Heard (home recording)