Saturday, 22 November 2014

Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine - The Impossible Dream EP

Carter USM play their last show tonight, ever. Maybe right now. Sniff. In honour of that, here's some for you. It's also partly inspired by them being on BBC 6music's Maida Vale session not that long ago. Apparently it was the most requested ticket for any of the sessions (10,000 applications for 200 tickets?!), which suggests either a large and loyal fanbase, or the same people applying under 200 false names (Mat).

So here's "The Impossible Dream", which shouldn't really work for Carter, I don't think. But it does, somehow, and in fact I really like it. Passion, my friends, passion. You can't put a price on that (apart
from £2.99 from HMV in 1992).

Good b-sides on this one, too. First one is very earnest, as you'd expect, with a very good chorus. The second one starts like Queen, but I assume it isn't a sample as I doubt Carter could ever have afforded the fees, but there certainly is a sample later on... Third b-side (good old days) is awesome, it's got jazz and rock and 'ting'. You'll understand. Well worth an ear.

1. The Impossible Dream
2. Turn On, Tune In And Switch Off
3. When Thesaurases Ruled The Earth*
4. Bring On The Girls !

*A nod and a wink to EMF, KLF and PWEI

Enjoy it while it lasts.

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Ben Folds Five - Brick (CDS)

Another month off posting, sorry folks. However, during October I managed to get to Warminster and pick up a load of CD singles, so with any luck everything will be back to normal. So a post a month, rather than every six weeks...

So, this one. Killer tune. Killer. I was lucky enough to hear this when he played Bristol a little while back with an orchestra, and it was even more killer then. But you're not here for "Brick", are you? You're here for the orchestra and backing vocals, and harpy lushness of the live version of "Smoke", and the Japaneseness of "Song For The Dumped". And the Japanese version is superb, very entertaining.

If you're as much of a geek as I am you will want to know that the live one is from "Morning Becomes Eclectic", broadcast on KCRW Los Angeles, on July 17 1997.

I'm not usually a fan of this kind of thing on singles, as it always smacks a little of filler, but these ain't filler. Both we'll deserving of a listen, and I hope you like them.

1. Brick
2. Smoke (live)
3. Song For The Dumped (Japanese version)

Have it.