Sunday, 2 June 2013

Travis - Happy CDS

Travis when they were good! Bit of controversy there, for all you lovers of stadium/Coldplay-era Travis. Or indeed for those of you who always thought they were shit.

Well, I really like their first album, although I only owned it on tape (along with only about three others, I guess it must have been very cheap) so haven't listened for a while. This wasn't my favourite track, but it's good anyway. They were a good live act at the time too.

Possibly the first b-side points the direction they were heading. And to be honest I don't recognise either of them listening now, so I can't have been that enamoured back then either. They're OK, if you're in the right mood.

I promise my next post will be more inspiring.

1. Happy
2. When I'm Feeling Blue (Days Of The Week)
3. Mother

Here 'tis.