Sunday, 23 March 2014

Earl Brutus - Come Taste My Mind (CDS)

Sorry all, that gap must be a record, even for me. Well, I'm back, and with a treat in the form of the always fantastic Earl Brutus, with their always fantastic record sleeves, and this one has a truly mental b-side.

The single itself is superb, noisy, killer chorus, the works. Tracks 2 and 3 are fairly standard b-side fodder, sound like they're enjoying themselves, but obviously not LP tracks. Track 4, however, is a William Reid remix of the single, and it's bloody great. Hope you like it.

On another note, I'm sorry I've had to change from Zippyshare, as I always find it's way quicker to download from there than anything else. Unfortunately something has broken with my connection, and whenever I click "upload" it shoots across to 100% and then says "i/o error" and doesn't upload. I'm giving Mega a shot, apologies if it's slow. That said I just tested it and it seems quick. Let me know.

1. Come Taste My Mind
2. Superstar
3. Nice Man In A Bubble
4. William, Taste My Mind

Bring it.