Thursday, 22 May 2014

Super Furry Animals - (Drawing) Rings Around The World (CDS)

So, what can I say? All we know for sure is that I haven't uploaded the video which is proudly advertised on the front of this CD case, and it cost £2.99 from the Virgin Megastore (on Oxford Street). Why there's been another huge gap between posts, why there was hail today... Who knows?

Brilliant single, with proper Furries b-sides (with proper titles/lyrics). I've always liked when bands release albums named after tracks which aren't on the album. This one uses lyrics from the first b-side as the basis for the other! Amazing stuff. I love this band. Both of the extra tracks are really good.

By the way, can I recommend the new Gruff Rhys LP, 'American Interiors'? It's awesome.

1. (Drawing) Rings Around The World
2. Edam Anchorman
3. All The Shit U Do

Here it's.