Monday, 29 August 2011

Cable - Arthur Walker 7"

This single's off Cable's second proper LP, 'Sub-Lingual' (third if you're counting the first EP). At the time I really wasn't into it as an album, suffering pretty badly by comparison to 'When Animals Attack', which you should check out if you don't know it already. However, listening again the other day I enjoyed it more, I guess time changes your appreciation of these things. This single is really good, and there are certainly some other cracking songs on it. Give it a go.

Anyway, the main reason for putting this up is the b-side, which is one of my favourite Cable tracks. They had some great b-sides over the years, and someone very kindly sent me a link to a compliation of them a while back. 'Vertigo' was in the compilation, and I knew I recognised it, but it wasn't a very good recording, and I didn't know where it was from. It's from here. And here's a good version of it. It's ace.

1. Arthur Walker
2. Vertigo

Hey ya.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

PJ Harvey - The Wind 7"

Hello again. Here's a good one. It's a track off the 1998 LP 'Is This Desire?', and is a real standout song. The b-sides off this single are also very good, as is PJ's way. 'Rebecca' sounds lovely, especially the drums, and 'Nina In Ecstasy 2' (number 1 was somewhere else, I guess) is a beautiful little song, just simple organ and vocals; one of those little classics that used to turn up as the third track on a single every now and then.

Track 3 also contains portions of 'Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep', which I initially hoped was going to be some massively out of place sample, but it doesn't, sadly. Enjoy.

1. The Wind
2. Rebecca
3. Nina In Ecstasy 2

Here you go.