Monday, 25 October 2010

Flying Saucer Attack / Jessamine - split 7"

Here's my contribution to the Keeping It Peel tribute going on today. It's a lovely split 7" from 1996 or so with Flying Saucer Attack (Peel favourites since they sent him their first single and he played it within a week) and a band called Jessamine, who I'm ashamed to know nothing about.

The FSA track is great, it's a classic of theirs, recorded in Bristol back in the day at the wonderfully named Feedback Studios. The Jessamine track (which I've named slightly wrong in the MP3 - sorry) is really good too, quite different to the FSA one, but none the worse for it.

I figured this was an ideal contribution today, seeing as discovery was what John Peel was all about, for me and so many others.

1. Flying Saucer Attack - At Night
2. Jessamine - From Hereto And Otherwise

Hear it.

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Slack Dog Ensemble - New Yawk Dog 7"

Here's something very special for you all. For 'special' read 'mental'. This 1995 7" is the only release by this 'band', who included among others Luke Vibert (from Wagon Christ and, well, Luke Vibert) and Robin Proper-Sheppard (from the God Machine). It's a great, great record. The a-side is a crazy distorted techno drum 'n' bass slab of madness, and you can only love it. The b-side is a little calmer, but still in a kind of threatening way. How it's a version of the a-side I have no idea, but the whole deal's something special.

1. New Yawk Dog (Super Seven Edit)
2. New Yawk Dog (Acoustic Version)

It also came out as a 12" with some more mixes, but I never picked it up. I'd be very grateful to anyone who did if they could point it my way.

Hope you like it as much as I do. And as much as I know my friend Dave will.


Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Groop Dogdrill - Lovely Skin 7"

This is a killer song, by a killer band, with a killer cover, on killer red vinyl. You need any more recommendation than that? Good. Get to it.

I don't have time to talk much about this one, but when I saw them years back at the Garage in London the singer did the encore with a mic gaffer-taped to his face.

1. Lovely Skin
2. Rockabilly Workout

Here. HERE! As ever, let me know if you like it.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Versus - Glitter of Love 7"

It appears I bought this from Tower Records, which dates it somewhat. I seem to remember that it was the Tower Records in Camden Town too, which dates it even further. Ah well. There's still one in Tokyo, if you're ever feeling nostalgic.

The single itself is a pretty good example of this band, who are an American indie-rock outfit from the mid-90s, but who also recently reformed for a new LP. Their drummer is/was amazing. I love this, it's an absolute killer track, and if you're not familiar with Versus then you really ought to check it out. It's off the '96 LP 'Secret Swingers'.

The b-side (live version of a previous LP track) is slightly disappointing, after the single, but if you already know them it's worth a listen, and if you don't then the a-side should do it for you. The bass player (Fontaine Toups) sings the b-side, and she's astonishingly cool live, so we'll forgive her this one.

1. Glitter of Love
2. Forest Fire (live)

It's right here.