Saturday, 21 December 2013

Cinerama - Kerry Kerry (CDS)

Hello again everyone. I'm afraid I've completely run out of anything Christmas-related for my Christmas post, so you'll have to make do with something great instead.

I can never decide whether I prefer The Wedding Present or Cinerama. I know, I know, but I really like Cinerama. And if you want to really find the way to a man's heart, as well you know, you put two b-sides on a single which are good enough to have been album tracks. This is your cue to tell me that actually they were and I have no idea what I'm talking about.

Excellent a-side, and two really, really good b-sides too. Enjoy this, enjoy Christmas, and happy new year to you all.

1. Kerry Kerry
2. Love
3. Au Pair

Happy Christmas!

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Teenage Fanclub - Sparky's Dream (Alternative Version) (CDS)

Wow. A long gap between posts, even for me. Just seen that it was September last time I put anything up, so time for a renewed effort.

Been trawling a few charity/second-hand shops recently, and there's some good stuff in the pile ready for your discerning ears. Before that, though, back to what we love most of all...

This single has some of my favourite TFC b-sides, and given Lou Reed's sad passing a few weeks back this one seems kind of appropriate too. The first b-side is a cover of (I see on Wikipedia) a band called The Creation, and it's great. A Raymond solo effort next, which I really like, although you can tell why it didn't make an LP, and then the Velvets tune.

Great stuff. Sorry for the long break, and I'll be back soon.

1. Sparky's Dream (Alternative Version)
2. Try And Stop Me
3. That's All I Need To Know
4. Who Loves The Sun

There you go.

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Strangelove - Sway CDS (Disc 1)

Damn Icelandic DMCA mafia. So much for Bjork singles, then...

Back in the day, when men were... etc. Double-CD single sets, where the first disc's package had space to put both CDs, and all the tracks for both were on the sleeve. Made you feel like you'd achieved something by filling the box. For borderline OCD cases like me it made it essential; I'm not sure I own one of those where I don't have both CDs.

Strangelove were one of those bands where if you like them, you really like them. If you don't then I suspect you think they're the absolute definition of everything which was bad about music in about 1995. Possibly along with Suede.

I'm in the first camp, obviously. I like this song a lot, and the b-sides are all good too. Apart from 'Ghost Haddock', which makes me want to punch Patrick Duff in the face. Although it's worth listening to all of it, if you can.

1. Sway
2. Nowhere Days
3. Hold On
4. Ghost Haddock

Here you go.

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Travis - Happy CDS

Travis when they were good! Bit of controversy there, for all you lovers of stadium/Coldplay-era Travis. Or indeed for those of you who always thought they were shit.

Well, I really like their first album, although I only owned it on tape (along with only about three others, I guess it must have been very cheap) so haven't listened for a while. This wasn't my favourite track, but it's good anyway. They were a good live act at the time too.

Possibly the first b-side points the direction they were heading. And to be honest I don't recognise either of them listening now, so I can't have been that enamoured back then either. They're OK, if you're in the right mood.

I promise my next post will be more inspiring.

1. Happy
2. When I'm Feeling Blue (Days Of The Week)
3. Mother

Here 'tis.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Doctor Bison - Right About You CDS

I know very little about this band, except that I think theyhave some connection with Leatherface.

What I can tell you is that they're unashamedly rocking, and you will love this CD. They're a bit like China Drum when they were still good (think 'Goosefair').

All three songs are good, and these boys could write a chorus, I don't mind telling you. Surprisingly long songs.

1. Right About You
2. Cut Down
3. Clear The Air

Hey ya.

Saturday, 20 April 2013

The Pastels - Worlds of Possibility (CDS)


Happy Record Store Day everyone. I hope you managed to get out and get something you wanted. I joined a queue at the new branch of Raves From The Grave in Bath, and by the time I got in the shop there wasn't much left. Hey ho. Good day for the shops, though, which is the main thing.

So, more Pastels, and woodblock-tastic! And Gerard Love in the band! Awesome single by this fantastic band, although a bit of an acquired taste for some. Excellent single, and some good b-sides too. The singing on 'Ever Far' is ridiculously low.

The fourth track, which is a cover of someone I don't know, is particularly good. Anyone any ideas? I imagine this shows up my narrow and superficial musical education.

1. Worlds Of Possibility
2. Photogram
3. Ever Far
4. Love It's Getting Better

Hear ye.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Massive Attack - Inertia Creeps CDS

I'll be honest, much as I love the album this Massive Attack track is from (it's my favourite, which I know is blasphemy), the only reason I bought this single was the Manics version of the track. I loved the idea that the remix could work the other way round, and the result is pretty good - interesting at least. It must have been fun to do. There are some proper Manic Street Preachers backing vocals later in the track!

The proper b-side, 'Reflection' sounds more like a Tricky song, in the drumming anyway. It's good.

Your other remixes, in strict contravention of the "All Remixes On B-sides Are Shit" rule, are not shit. Alpha did an excellent job, and Track 5 is the Mad Professor remix of the track, just under a different name, which is alright. The last track is by members of the Ananda Shankar Experience, which means little to me, but might to you. Very good.

I should also point out that the sleeve for this CD is bright orange, not weird pink. It seems my scanner isn't 100% reliable.

1. Inertia Creeps (Album Version)
2. Reflection
3. Inertia Creeps (Manic Street Preachers Version)
4. Inertia Creeps (Alpha Mix)
5. Back/ Shecomes
6. Inertia Creeps (State Of Bengal Mix)


Friday, 29 March 2013

Tricky - Pumpkin (CDS)

I think you'll agree that this is one of the worst covers for a single ever. I hope it was tongue-in-cheek, but I dunno... I'm not sure Tricky does that.

Well, moving swiftly on, this is a single off his first album, which I love. I know it became the middle-class dinner party soundtrack for the late 90's, but it's such a good record. I actually first heard 'Ponderosa' on Mark and Lard's show on late-night Radio 1, before the LP came out, and went into the dangerous territory of Replay Records dance shop to buy it. And no-one laughed at me, even though I was 100% indie boy at the time (nothing changes).

This single is a really good one, and features Alison Goldfrapp, which I'm not sure I knew until now. So that's interesting. First b-side is really good, I think. I can see why it didn't make the album, though! It also seems to have some Nintendo backing sounds. The remix of 'Brand New You're Retro' and the 'ambient' version of the single are alright, nothing ground-breaking, but worth an ear, especially the second.

Another one in 160kbps, sorry. Back to the proper quality next time.

1. Pumpkin (edit)
2. Moody Broody Buddhist Camp
3. Brand New You're Retro (Alex Reece remix)
4. Pumpkin (ambient)

Hear it.

Monday, 18 March 2013

Teenage Fanclub - Start Again CDS

Just great, this single. I won't bore you with any more about it, I hope you trust me by now. As always, this is about the b-sides. On here there's an acoustic version of 'Ain't That Enough' (from Top Of The Pops, apparently. Although I don't recall them ever doing acoustic sets. Maybe I didn't watch enough), which really shows how good those harmonies are. In fact I think they've added some more for this. Lovely.

There's also a session version of 'Take The Long Way Round', from GLR (Greater London Radio), which is kind of murky, but it's still a great song, so no harm having another version of it.

Sorry, it's in 160kbps AAC format, but I made a bit of a cock-up somewhere along the line and don't have the MP3s any more.

1. Start Again
2. Ain't That Enough (acoustic TOTP)
3. Take The Long Way Round (GLR session)

Here you go.

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Sparklehorse - Sick Of Goodbyes

I think I put a Sparklehorse 7" up a while back and it got taken down, although it might have been a Rapidshare file which just expired. Well, hopefully it was the second, so this will be around for you to enjoy. If not, get in quick!

The single has one of my favourite introductions, and it's a superb song all round. 'Happy Place' is a nice quiet one, with that classic Sparklehorse drum sound. It's a really, really good song, and would have fitted perfectly on an album. Isn't that the sign of a great band/songwriter?

Second b-side is a full version of that one on the LP which kind of cuts in and out. Killer. Love it. And it's off Radio One back in the day, which will mean something to someone. Maybe only me.

1. Sick Of Goodbyes
2. Happy Place
3. Happy Pig (BBC Radio One Evening Session)


Wednesday, 13 February 2013

The Wedding Present - Radio 1 Sessions CDS

Not strictly a single, I guess, but it's by a great band, and it has four tracks on a CD. Good enough for me.

Three Gedge tracks, and a Gang Of Four cover, and in proper collectors' style the CD comes with very precise details of original broadcast (although, strangely, not which show the session was for. Peel?)

Recorded 20th April 1986, broadcast 15th May 1986. And here's to Barry Andrews and Ted De Bono, who produced and engineered this session. Hope they're still doing it!

Nice choice of songs on this, which I'm sure you know. And the cover's great! If you don't know them then this is a good introduction to the band, the early stuff at least. Then try Cinerema. And they're back together, so you can go and watch them too.

1. Everyone Thinks He Looks Daft!
2. Shatner
3. My Favourite Dress
4. I Found That Essence Rare


Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Tricky - Tricky Kid

So, eventually, I'm back. Sorry for the delay. Also moved over to Zippyshare, which seems like good timing considering Mediafire have sent me my first 'Strike' today (which also includes a big thanks for using their service. Sweet.)

Tricky's from Bristol, as am I. Admittedly he's from an estate that no-one wants to go to, and they periodically cut bus services because they get attacked, while I'm from a quiet, white, middle-class neighbourhood. But it's the same town. We Bristolians stick together.

This track's off the second Tricky album, 'Pre-Millenium Tension', which is, I think, as good as the first LP. It's quite different, and not as commercial as 'Maxinquaye', but really very, very good. This is, to be honest, a mental choice for a single. Great, but really nuts.

First b-side is good, really chilled in comparison to the single. Possibly a little repetetive. The second b-side is great, really reverb-y live sound. This could have been an album track, easy.

The live version of 'Suffocated Love' (off Joolz Holland's show) is brilliant. Really, really good. This is a find. Properly A Find. Completely different to the LP version. I won't tell you why. Listen.

1. Tricky Kid
2. Devil's Helper
3. Smoking Beagles
4. Suffocated Love (live)

Here you go.

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Mediafire problems

Hello everyone. Sorry I've been a bit slack (even more than normal) recently.

I'm finding a lot of my Mediafire files marked as "copyright", which means they're effectively taken down, in that they're on the account but I can't share them. This is freaking me out a little, as I have other stuff in that Mediafire account, and I'm worried that because there are so many uploads for this blog they might shut it down.

Does anyone know if that's likely? And if I delete all the uploads is it less likely?

More importantly, which upload sites aren't going to start scanning my files and blocking them?

Thanks in advance for any advice.