Monday, 30 May 2011

Crescent - Sun 7"

Right folks. Another quick one, what with everything else happening at the same time, but this is really, really good. Really good. It's another from back in the day, back in the Westcountry, on Planet Records straight outta Bristol in 1994. Labelmates of Flying Saucer Attack, Movietone and the like.

You may well not have heard of this band, but if you have then you probably own this record already. If you don't know it, I can't recommend it highly enough, it's a superb slice of noisy, rocky, LoFi, shouty, home-made... And with a killer tune on top of all that. The b-side's well chilled.

Just try it.

1. Sun
2. They Are Rebuilding The City

Here it is.

Friday, 20 May 2011

Sebadoh - Beauty of the Ride 7"

Hello. Sorry it's been so long between posts, but I currently have very little time to eat, sleep or think, so it's taken a bit of a back seat.

Anyway, as an apology for the delay, here's something a bit special from Lou Barlow and the boys. The a-side is off Harmacy, their 1996 Sub Pop LP, and is one of their best tracks, I reckon. If you don't know them then it's quite a good example (as long as you're also prepared for a few touches of noisy nonsense along the way).

Your b-side is a cover of 'Riding' by Will Oldham/Bonnie 'Prince' Billy/etc., which is a great song in its own right, and this cover does it justice. It's off a Peel Session, I believe, and is a kind of slack, ragged, laid-back... you know what to expect. Good stuff. Enjoy it.

1. Beauty Of The Ride
2. Riding

Here it's. Let me know if you like it.