Tuesday, 15 July 2014

AC Acoustics - Hand Passes Plenty 12"

There I was, thinking I knew something about stuff, and then there's this!

I love this band, and have done ever since I first heard the 'Victory Parts' album. It remains one of my favourite LPs. This track, I thought, was a single from it, and so I had my usual excitement about checking out the b-sides etc... But wait! It's not off the album! That track is called 'Hand Passes Empty'!

Turns out that this is a kind of early version of the LP track, but released as a single about 3 years before. It's really, really, good, especially if you know the original. Also the first b-side is superb, really like that too.

This was the period of the ill-advised remix, and although the attempt at messing about with track 2 is alright, it's not great. Also side 2 of the single plays at 33, and side a at 45, which is annoying for those of use with lift-off-and-move-the-band turntables. The remix is by Larry Primrose (and the band). Can't tell you who that is. Anyone?

Fourth track (I LOVE 12" singles) isn't so great. But side 1. Man. It's like a single with a bonus a-side.

Brilliant stuff. Get to it.

1. Hand Passes Plenty
2. Love Lies Broken Pieces
3. Love Lies (Equamneno Mix)
4. Emily

It is here.