Saturday, 21 August 2010

Yet another takedown

So it's coming on for one DMCA email every 10 days or so. Ned's this time! Ridiculous.

Anyway, I fear I might get stamped on sometime, so if I do, please check out, and I'll stick a new address in the comments for that blog if this one vanishes. Thanks for looking. Remember, I like to see your comments if you like what you find...

Monday, 9 August 2010

Money Mark - Legitimate Pop Songs? 7" E.P.

And here's treat number two, which is a whole different kettle of mid-90s fish. This is Money Mark, out of the Beastie Boys (and others), playing some songs in the Rough Trade store in Covent Garden (I think) in 1996. The second half of track 1 is off his first LP, 'Money Mark's Keyboard Repair', which I think my friend Dave had on tape. I was reading an interview with Tim Robbins the other day (who is 6' 5" tall) and he reckons cassette and vinyl are far better than MP3.

Anyway, these tunes are very relaxing, as you might expect if you've heard any of MM's lounge-y tendencies before. Just right for an August evening, the sun's out, the birds are singing, and the forecast says thunder storms before dark...

1. Untitled Instrumental / Sometimes You Gotta Make It Alone
2. Untitled Instrumental

This way.

Friday, 6 August 2010


Hey everyone.

Just been poking around my Mediafire page, looking at what you folks have enjoyed listening to off this blog, and there's a load of posts with 40+ (or even 100+) downloads. However, there are also a lot of/most posts with 0, 1 or 2 comments. It's not why I do it, of course, but it would be nice to think someone's reading, not just that everyone's coming, clicking the link, and heading off.

Maybe that is what everyone's doing. Ah well. It's really nice when folks do comment, though, so thanks to those who do, and those who are following - I appreciate it. And just for you guys there are two super-special treats coming this weekend...


Monday, 2 August 2010

Movietone - Mono Valley 7"

More Movietone loveliness now, this time a 1995 single on Planet Records from my hometown of Bristol, in the UK. This is a really chilled one, and fits perfectly with the cover, in some weird way. Really nice. It's quite typical of what I remember of their first LP, quiet, with a mixture of murmured and sung vocals, and some odd noises. The clarinet squalling is notable by its absence from the a-side! It's not missing from the b-side, as you're about to find out, where at times it turns a bit more avant-garde. Still in a chilled way though.

I love this single.

1. Mono Valley
2. Under The 3000 Foot Red Ceiling

They live here.

p.s. Made a mistake in my last Movietone post - it's 'Orange Zero' which is the superb track off their first single (with a different version on the LP).