Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Drugstore - Injection 7"

Y'all like Drugstore, right? Y'all like the Flaming Lips, right? How about Drugstore plays the Flaming Lips? Don't say I don't do nuffink for you. This is a single from 1995, which I think I'm right in saying (I mean, I think Wikipedia might be right in saying) wasn't on any of their albums. The a-side is good, maybe not one of their best, but a good song - the squeaky noise at the end is good. B-side number one is kind of similar, very like the others of their songs that I'm familiar with.

The cover of "She Don't Use Jelly" is really good, somehow her voice really suits the song. I'd forgotten how much I liked this, even though it was presumably the reason I bought the single. Chorus is ace. Don't know what happened to the acoustic version - any ideas? The remix of "Gravity", the original of which was on their first album, is all orchestral. You might appreciate it more if you know the original.

And it's on clear vinyl. Sweet.

1. Injection
2. Heart Of Honey
3. She Don't Use Jelly (Electric Version)
4. Gravity (Terry Edwards Mix)

Hey ya.

Monday, 12 July 2010

The Delgados - Pull The Wires From The Wall 7"

So here's what I found in the Grandaddy sleeve! If you've checked the comments on the last post then you've had a sneak preview from Andy Silver Rocket (he sings it beautifully).

Funny band, this lot. Never got that into them, to be honest, but I heard this single on John Peel's show one night and went out to buy it the next day. Loved it then, love it now. I'm not even sure what it is about it, but it's just SUCH a good song. I hope you can see why I was pissed off to have lost it - still had the sleeve, but not the record. Now happily reunited.

The b-side's not so much to my taste, although well worth checking out, as I think it's probably more typical of their output. It's not bad at all, and has something of the Pavement about it, but very much of its time, I'd say. The ending's nice. However, this one, for me, is all about the single, like this paragraph is all about the commas.

1. Pull The Wires From The Wall
2. Mauron Chanson

Hear it here.

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Grandaddy - Everything Beautiful Is Far Away 7"

This single is notable for two things. One, it's my favourite Grandaddy song, I think. Although that changes quite often. Two, I found the 7" of "Pull The Wires From The Wall" by The Delgados inside the sleeve, along with the Grandaddy single. Weird, huh? I'd been looking for it for ages, and if you want to know why then stay tuned...

Anyway, back to the plot. The a-side of this is a great introduction to Grandaddy, synths, acoustic bits, quiet, got a groove, and the tune! Oh, the tune. It's all about the tune. And this is a good one. The b-side's also well, well worth a listen, kinda lazy-sounding, falsetto-y, smooth. Ah, the adjectives. Maybe you should just listen to them.

1. Everything Beautiful Is Far Away
2. For The Dishwasher

They. Are. Here.

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Flying Saucer Attack / GbV / Änglagård - The Polite Cream Tea Corps E.P.

In 1994 this 7" came with the Ptolmeic Terrascope magazine. I knew about it because I was into Flying Saucer Attack, and it includes one of their best tracks; "All About Dreams". It was notable for something else, though, because it was the first time I'd ever heard anything by Guided By Voices, who went on to become one of my favourite bands. You're lucky - this 7" was really warped when I got it on the magazine, and now it's flattened out thanks to years in a box! Today's probably the first time I've heard it without that weird wobble you get on a properly bent record.

So, FSA do their thing, lovely song. GbV do their thing, as only they can. Änglagård I can tell you nothing about at all, sorry! But their track is properly nuts. Some kind of crazy jazz/prog weirdness, with some Zappa and God only knows what else thrown in. How on earth do you write a song like this!? It's like about four songs together. Every minute.

Not much of a photo to look at with this post - there's no cover, and the information is scratched into the centre of the vinyl. There were, apparently, 16 copies of this with hand-made covers by Flying Saucer Attack. I only wish I'd been quicker to get mine... I don't have the magazine any more either, sadly.

1. Flying Saucer Attack - All About Dreams
2. Guided By Voices - Chicken Blows
3. Änglagård - Gånglåt från Knapptibble

Hear y'are.