Friday, 29 March 2013

Tricky - Pumpkin (CDS)

I think you'll agree that this is one of the worst covers for a single ever. I hope it was tongue-in-cheek, but I dunno... I'm not sure Tricky does that.

Well, moving swiftly on, this is a single off his first album, which I love. I know it became the middle-class dinner party soundtrack for the late 90's, but it's such a good record. I actually first heard 'Ponderosa' on Mark and Lard's show on late-night Radio 1, before the LP came out, and went into the dangerous territory of Replay Records dance shop to buy it. And no-one laughed at me, even though I was 100% indie boy at the time (nothing changes).

This single is a really good one, and features Alison Goldfrapp, which I'm not sure I knew until now. So that's interesting. First b-side is really good, I think. I can see why it didn't make the album, though! It also seems to have some Nintendo backing sounds. The remix of 'Brand New You're Retro' and the 'ambient' version of the single are alright, nothing ground-breaking, but worth an ear, especially the second.

Another one in 160kbps, sorry. Back to the proper quality next time.

1. Pumpkin (edit)
2. Moody Broody Buddhist Camp
3. Brand New You're Retro (Alex Reece remix)
4. Pumpkin (ambient)

Hear it.

Monday, 18 March 2013

Teenage Fanclub - Start Again CDS

Just great, this single. I won't bore you with any more about it, I hope you trust me by now. As always, this is about the b-sides. On here there's an acoustic version of 'Ain't That Enough' (from Top Of The Pops, apparently. Although I don't recall them ever doing acoustic sets. Maybe I didn't watch enough), which really shows how good those harmonies are. In fact I think they've added some more for this. Lovely.

There's also a session version of 'Take The Long Way Round', from GLR (Greater London Radio), which is kind of murky, but it's still a great song, so no harm having another version of it.

Sorry, it's in 160kbps AAC format, but I made a bit of a cock-up somewhere along the line and don't have the MP3s any more.

1. Start Again
2. Ain't That Enough (acoustic TOTP)
3. Take The Long Way Round (GLR session)

Here you go.