Saturday, 29 September 2012

The Jesus And Mary Chain - I Love Rock 'N' Roll CDS

I seem to remember this was a bit of a comeback for these guys, after their early 90's classics. This was 1998, as Creation Records was on the way out (I think, excuse me if I'm remembering it wrong). Anyway, it's a really good single - one of my favourites of theirs, to be honest. And it's got brass on it, which is a bit of a departure. I like to think it's through some kind of pedal though.

The first couple of b-sides are really good, and seeing as it was the 90's there are the correct number for a CD single (3). The first is quieter than the single, with a nice guitar solo over a lot of it. '40,000K' is probably the best of the three, with an ace distorted bass (I think) sound. 'Nineteen 666' sounds like a pissed-up mess, to be honest, with an even more pissed-up sampler.

You remember those cards which you used to post to Leamington Spa somewhere to get on the band's mailing list? This still has it in there. Might send it off.

1. I Love Rock 'N' Roll
2. Easy Life, Easy Love
3. 40,000K
4. Nineteen 666


Thursday, 13 September 2012

Teenage Fanclub - Radio (CDS)

My favourite Teenage Fanclub song. Let me tell you a story. No - come back! It's a short one.

I went to see TFC at Koko a few years ago, when they were touring 'Shadows' (I think). I was lucky enough to have met a lovely lady called Vanessa who does radio for them, and asked her if she'd ask the band to play 'Radio', which they very rarely do. I'd been with a couple of friends to see them in Hamburg with The Posies, and they didn't play it then, even though I asked.

Anyway, they played their set, and it was bloody great, of course. Then they did an encore, and didn't play 'Radio'. Then they went off, came back, and played another encore... Still no. Lights came up. People started leaving. Ah well.

Then they came back on again and played it! I'm sure you can imagine that it was one of, if not, the greatest moments of my life. Don't tell my family.

B-sides are awesome, all of them. You knew that. Enjoy. Great swearing.

1. Radio
2. Weird Horses
3. Don's Gone Columbia
4. Chords Of Fame

Here we go again.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Sugar - If I Can't Change Your Mind (CDS)

Second of the two Sugar singles, and the proper mix of this song. Brilliant. Can't fault it. You must surely know Sugar, but if you've not listened in a while I hope this makes you go back to them.

The first b-side on this is another one which I could imagine on the album, if not maybe on Beaster, and it's really good. It's instrumental, which I guess gave it b-side status. Not as pop as the a-side. The other b-sides are from a live show, the whole of which was recorded, and is on one of the CDs with the re-issues. 'Anyone' I know nothing about. Another cover? 'Hoover Dam' is just superb in any format, any performance. Enjoy.

Just realised that the live show has just passed its 20th anniversary. Feeling old yet?

1. If I Can't Change Your Mind
2. Clownmaster
3. Anyone (Live at Caberet Metro, Chicago, 22/07/1992)
4. Hoover Dam (Live at Caberet Metro, Chicago, 22/07/1992)

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