Friday, 12 December 2014

Belly - Feed The Tree CDS

Another from the big Raves from the Grave collection, and I love this single. It's worth downloading for the a-side alone.

But wait! If you, as I, have changed from indie-kid to indie-father, or you were already a Disney fan, you'll be interested in the first b-side. Yes. It's the song the snake sings in the Jungle Book. And somehow works remarkably well...

The other b-sides are Belly tracks, and they're both excellent. Particularly track 3, which I'm surprised was never an album track (as far as I know). Track 4 is, like "On The Mouth" by Superchunk, the track an album's named after but without being on the album itself*. Cool.

* all information relating to which tracks are on albums/singles/films or any other fact is not necessarily, or likely to be, accurate.

1. Feed The Tree
2. Trust In Me
3. Dream On Me
4. Star

Here you go.