Saturday, 21 September 2013

Strangelove - Sway CDS (Disc 1)

Damn Icelandic DMCA mafia. So much for Bjork singles, then...

Back in the day, when men were... etc. Double-CD single sets, where the first disc's package had space to put both CDs, and all the tracks for both were on the sleeve. Made you feel like you'd achieved something by filling the box. For borderline OCD cases like me it made it essential; I'm not sure I own one of those where I don't have both CDs.

Strangelove were one of those bands where if you like them, you really like them. If you don't then I suspect you think they're the absolute definition of everything which was bad about music in about 1995. Possibly along with Suede.

I'm in the first camp, obviously. I like this song a lot, and the b-sides are all good too. Apart from 'Ghost Haddock', which makes me want to punch Patrick Duff in the face. Although it's worth listening to all of it, if you can.

1. Sway
2. Nowhere Days
3. Hold On
4. Ghost Haddock

Here you go.