Thursday, 21 July 2016

Mudhoney / Melvins split - H.I.V. Groupie Hits-Pack! 7"

I bought a load of 7"s of some guy on eBay ages ago, in the hope that there might be some gems in the collection. To be honest I did it also in the hope there might be, say, a load of early Smiths singles or something, and I could make some cash. Needless to say, most of the 300+ in the collection was 2000s-era indie dross.

This is the only record which is worth anything (and only a tenner), but it's a happy exception in quality terms too.

It's a weird record, in terms of content and labelling. The sleeve gets the bands right, but all the songs are labelled wrong, at least partly. The centre label of the record not only gets the songs at least partly wrong, but the names of the bands wrong too; Mudhoney are The Psycho Surgeons, The Melvins are The Professors.

Anyhew, the songs are pretty cool all round. Side a has three Mudhoney tracks, the first two are demos, and the third a kind of murky live recording, but it's good. Side b is one Melvins track, which is labelled as one thing (Just Sixteen) on the sleeve, another (The Sails of Charon) on the label, but is actually a KISS cover.

1. Here Comes Sickness (Mudhoney)
2. Sweet Young Thing Ain't Sweet No More (Mudhoney)
3. Chain That Door (Mudhoney)
4. Going Blind (The Melvins)

There. I've done the working out for you. Enjoy the record.

Oh, also I've changed to Mega for storage, so that (hopefully) stuff stays available for longer and I don't have to keep putting the Teenage Fanclub Scotland on Sunday CD up.

Thursday, 14 July 2016

Beck - The New Pollution CDS

You all know the a-side, I'm sure. It's a good one of his, for sure, off the awesome 'Odelay' LP. However the big interest in this single is the b-side, which is an Aphex Twin remix of 'Devil's Haircut', and as you'd expect is fairly strange. I particularly like the section somewhere in the middle where the vocal sample bears no resemblance to the rhythm of the track. Good stuff.

Track three seems like a home-recorded kind of thing, and doesn't have the Dust Brothers credited as producers. Maybe not quite to the standard of the album, but it's a good track still. Sounds like it might have been fun to make.

1. The New Pollution
2. Richard's Hairpeice (remix by Aphex Twin)
3. Electric Music and The Summer People

Here you are now, entertain you.