Thursday, 14 July 2016

Beck - The New Pollution CDS

You all know the a-side, I'm sure. It's a good one of his, for sure, off the awesome 'Odelay' LP. However the big interest in this single is the b-side, which is an Aphex Twin remix of 'Devil's Haircut', and as you'd expect is fairly strange. I particularly like the section somewhere in the middle where the vocal sample bears no resemblance to the rhythm of the track. Good stuff.

Track three seems like a home-recorded kind of thing, and doesn't have the Dust Brothers credited as producers. Maybe not quite to the standard of the album, but it's a good track still. Sounds like it might have been fun to make.

1. The New Pollution
2. Richard's Hairpeice (remix by Aphex Twin)
3. Electric Music and The Summer People

Here you are now, entertain you.

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