Sunday, 25 March 2012

Catatonia - Bleed CDS

Still on the Welsh tip (and I've just digitised two more SFA singles, so more to come), here's a band where I only like the early stuff. Although that applies to most bands. Ah well, the life of a music snob.

This is a great track of their first LP, 'Way Beyond Blue', which I don't think they ever improved on, although a quick glance at Wikipedia shows that the next three went triple platinum, platinum and silver respectively. Keeping it indie, me. The b-sides are a couple more of their best songs, live at the Reading Festival in 1996 and the Phoenix Festival (remember that?) in the same year.

Have a listen, and realise it's not all about the Mulder and Scully tune!

Sorry about the big stupid gap under the cover picture. As I mentioned before, the lovely new blogging layout is a bit pile of shit, and life's too short to keep trying to fix it.

1. Bleed
2. Way Beyond Blue (Live At Phoenix '96)
3. Painful (Live At Reading '96)

Here you go.

Monday, 19 March 2012

Super Furry Animals - The International Language Of Screaming CDS

Just a quick one today, as time is short. More Welsh goodness for you all, just in time for St. Patrick's Day (I know).

You gotta love Super Furry Animals, right? The single itself is obviously brilliant; it's an SFA single. The first b-side is just as good, though. I have no idea why it's not an album track, it's really good. The third track is a story which is sung in such a strong/stoned accent it's pretty much impossible to understand, but worth a try. Track four is a reminder of the good old days, when bands could get away with putting complete nonsense as a b-side and no-one cared. Three cheers for Creation Records.

1. The International Language Of Screaming
2. Wrap It Up
3. Foxy Music
4. nO.K.

Here it is.

Is anyone else who writes a blog annoyed by Google making posting both prettier and less easy in one swift redesign?