Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Cud - Rich & Strange CDS

Hit after hit after hit, this blog, I tell you. I've got a lot of time for Cud, which I think is probably 40% nostalgia and 60% quality. Ned's Atomic Dustbin is 60/40 the other way. The Family Cat is 90% fondness through quality. I could go on. (Catch me at the right time with the right beer and I will.)

This is great. A bona fide pop hit, smashing its way to number 24 in the charts. Number 24! Imagine. And that was 24 years ago. Imagine.

Thing with Cud is that on record they sound great, I really like the sparing sound, little guitar noodling and bass wandering around the place. Always nice to listen to. Live, I don't remember from the time, as it was a long time back I saw them at the Anson Rooms in Bristol, but I saw their reformed show in London a while back and they sounded bad. Fun, but bad. Just kind of weedy.

Anyway, the b-sides of this one are both good, so I hope you enjoy them. Track 3 has a particularly good chorus.

1. Rich And Strange
2. Do It Again
3. A Song Called That

It's right here for your very much enjoyment.

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