Monday, 5 September 2016

Superchunk - Tower 7" EP

Another from the big 7"s box of (mostly) junk, but one of the few gems. If not financially helpful ones. This is from Superchunk in 1990, on an Australian label called Messiah Complex. It says there were 1000 only, 200 on green vinyl, 800 on purple. Mine is on yellow, which suggests repress I suppose.

The a-side is great. The Chunk at their raucous best, particularly on Fishing, which sounds like it was recorded live apart from the lack of crowd noise. Both killer tunes.

Side B has a Shangri-Las cover, which is less good. Interesting as a fan, but I can't imagine I'll be rushing back to it. 'What Do I' is great, though. Both the b-side tracks were off the 1989 'Chunk' EP on Merge, the a-sides were recorded in 1990.


1. Fishing
2. Tower
3. Train From Kansas City
4. What Do I


  1. The yellow one was a repress, but there were still only 100 made:

  2. I was excited about it being 100. Not so much 1000. Although I wonder how many of the 1000 still exist?