Wednesday, 23 November 2016

The Amps - Tipp City (CDS)

This is good stuff. I didn't know much about this little bit of Deal history, but it's the one single off the one album by the band that Kim Deal formed between the early and late periods of The Breeders. It's a nicely chaotic tune, as is the first b-side (clocking in at a mammoth 1:14 - can see why they played with Guided By Voices). The sound and feel fits in very nicely with her other work, I really like it. It's kind of The Breeders but more nuts.

And a lot less polished, particularly the third track, which is great, if shouty and 110% distorted.

All good stuff, and interesting to hear if you're as poorly informed about The Amps as I was.

1. Tipp City
2. Just Like A Briar
3. Empty Glasses (Kim's Basement 4-track Version)

Here you go.

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  1. The Amps album was meant to be the third Breeders record, but Kelley Deal went into rehab before recording started. Kim didn't want to make a Breeders album without her sister so decided to make this a lo-fi effort as The Amps instead. Hope that fills in the gaps.

    Like pretty much everything Kim has touched, this is great stuff.