Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Snuff - Long Ball To No-One E.P.

I was watching some TV music channel the other night, and the video for 'I Think We're Alone Now' as covered by Tiffany came on. I was 10 when she released that song, and I was a big fan, probably not entirely because of the tune itself. Those of you old enough to remember will understand. Whole lotta denim.

Anyway, the point is that Snuff did a cover of that track on their debut LP, 'Snuff Said'. This is the connection. Thanks for bearing with me. This being a singles blog, there is no place for that album, but there is always space for some good old-fashioned pop-punk, in this case from 1996. Because it's a proper EP, from the good old days, it has four tracks, and all of them are well worth a listen. 1: Hammond/brass-tastic pop joy; 2: bass-tastic high-speed joy; 3: trumpet-tastic shouty joy; 4: syncopation-tastic great-name joy. Enjoy!

1. Nick Northern
2. Walk
3. Caught In Session
4. Dow Dow Boof Boof

Hear ya.


  1. haven't heard this since it was originally released. and though it's in my collection, thanks for posting it! by and by...snuff said.