Monday, 14 October 2019

Beatnik Filmstars - Apathetic English Swine 7"

One of Bristol's unsung heroes of the 90s, this band. In the era of Massive Attack, Portishead and all that (which I also loved), and the Planet Records crowd with Flying Saucer Attack, Crescent and so on, there was also Beatnik Filmstars. They are loud, abrasive, and on many occasions so poorly recorded they are virtually unlistenable. I have one CD by them which I think must be the lousiest production I have ever heard anywhere, and among some of my collection that is quite a claim.

However, this 7" is not poorly produced, it's awesome. The a-side is killer, one b-side starts with the singer having a go at the drummer (and then ends with what sounds like the drummer fighting back), and it's all well worth listening to. Clarinet. I have a feeling they managed to get themselves signed to Merge records at some point, which is surely enough of a recommendation to check them out.

1. Apathetic English Swine
2. Gum
3. Clothes

In Bristol with a pistol.

Monday, 22 July 2019

Grandaddy - Summer Here Kids 7"

This is just one of those songs for me, the first time I heard it I just thought it was amazing, and all this time later I feel exactly the same. Grandaddy have a lot of great tunes, particularly off that one LP (you know the one), and the main guy had that good solo record too.

Man, my brain is tired.

Anyway, two b-sides on a 7", always a fan of that. Even if the a-side is 45 rpm and the b-side 33 rpm, I can forgive them (once).

Hope you like the two extra tunes too, the first is a noisy kind of thing, which I very much enjoy, and the second a quiet kind of thing which is very lovely.

There is, somewhere, a Grandaddy song which Stuart Maconie played on the radio about 15 years ago and I heard once, which was amazing. It wasn't on an album, and it was before it was easy to find out what had just been on the radio, so it was lost to me forever. Any suggestions very welcome.

1. Summer Here Kids
2. Levitz (Birdless)
3. My Small Love

Summer here.

Friday, 31 May 2019

Tortoise / Stereolab split 7"

So here's something nice. I think I picked this up from a Tortoise show in Bristol a very long time ago, and someone told me it was worth a few bob now. Well, out of sheer generosity of spirit I am making it available for you lucky people to steal for free, right here, right now.

Cool and calming tune from Tortoise, as befits the blue vinyl of the single, and the usual from Stereolab. Hope you like it. My wife hates it.

1. Tortoise - YAUS
2. Stereolab - Speedy Car

Monday, 29 April 2019

Sebadoh - Beauty Of The Ride 7"

Yeah, almost two years. You wanna make something of it?

Well look, I'm sorry. To make up for it, here is one of the best singles ever, to celebrate a new Sebadoh LP coming out in the next couple of weeks. If you don't already love this song then you are about to find out what you've been missing all this time.

The b-side is also awesome, a BBC session track, covering a Palace Music song which I've always liked a lot. Good cover, good song, good times. Good old Beeb.

1. Beauty Of The Ride
2. Riding

I'm back. And this time I'm wearing a cap.

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Yo La Tengo - Shaker EP

Unusually for me, a respected band who are still around. As opposed to a band that only me and you, dear reader, ever liked and lasted two years tops. And then reformed last year and played two festivals and a show at The Garage in Highbury.

Anyhew, this is one of the hypnotic-style Yo La Tengo tunes, and nice on headphones. Quite rocking and repetitive, all good stuff. They're one of those bands I tend to dip in and out of, sometimes a single or an album will really grab me, and other times I can really take or leave them. This I like.

The a-side was originally off a soundtrack, so wasn't on an album, so if you're a fan you might be interested. The second track on the CD is a Richard and Linda Thompson cover, which is really good, and has lovely harmonies on the chorus. Track 3 is more acoustic (but with feedback and brass, nice), and also a good song.

Good stuff overall. Hope you like it.

1. Shaker
2. For Shame Of Doing Wrong (Slide Version)
3. What She Wants


Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Mega City Four - Stop (CDS)

According to the sticker on the CD case this was £3.99 from HMV. Well I got it for LOADS less, so that's socking it to the man. Although the man in this case is dead, apparently, hence no Mega City Four reformation as every shit 90s band takes their turn.

The first song I ever heard by Mega City Four was "Don't Want To Know If You Are Lonely", which I never realised was by Husker Du when I first bought their "Inspiringly Titled" live LP way back in the day. I did realise it was clearly the best track on the record. Kind of figures. I was never a huge fan of Mega City Four, but this is something of interest from the time. One of the best of their own songs, and b-sides which are worth a listen, certainly if you're a fan.

1. Stop
2. Desert Song
3. Back To Zero
4. Overlap

Here you go.

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Airhead - Counting Sheep CDS

I put it to you that there are fewer bands more indie than Airhead. They had the one reasonably big hit, which isn't this, but I've always had a soft spot for them, as their brief poke up into the limelight coincided with some happy times for me.

This track is pretty good, if not quite up to 'Funny How', and track 2 is very much the Airhead formula, if a little more laid back. Number 3 is good, I can see how it maybe didn't quite fit in with their album, but I like it.

Never much of a fan of the added "demo version" on CD singles, but when it's track 4 of 4 I guess it's excusable. If you're a massive Airhead fan, this might be the tune which completes your life.

1. Counting Sheep
2. Take My Train
3. Keep The Apple
4. Counting Sheep (Demo)

1990s are here.

Thursday, 26 January 2017

The Freewheelin' Mark Arm - Masters Of War 7"

Happy New Year everybody. It's going to be a fucking weird one.

Another curiosity out of the box of 7"s, this time Mudhoney's Mark Arm covers Bob Dylan, on Sub Pop from 1990. It's actually really good, with a lot of venom, as befits the song. Produced by Jack Endino, so it wasn't just a throwaway home-recorded kind of thing.

Side 2 is a lot sillier as lyrics go, variously clean-ish and very distorted guitar with a shaker which kind of wanders around the rhythm. It's worth a listen, if possibly only one.

1. Masters Of War
2. My Life With Rickets

Mark it Bob, Dude.

Thursday, 22 December 2016

Lo-Fi Christmas with Urusei Yatsura

Here's something special for you all from Santa Freedom. I won't write much, other than to wish you all a Happy Christmas and all the best for 2017. Take care of yourselves, and enjoy this bumper post of three (count 'em) Urusei Yatsura 7"s, kings (and queen) of the coloured vinyl single.

Plastic Ashtray b/w Got The Sun
Kewpies Like Watermelon b/w Majesty
Strategic Hamlets b/w Down Home Kitty and Kozee Heart (Luxury Pave-Style)

If you like this lot, please take a look at this link, which is a collection of session tracks, and I can assure you it is worth buying.

I hope you enjoy the 7"s. See you next year.

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

The Amps - Tipp City (CDS)

This is good stuff. I didn't know much about this little bit of Deal history, but it's the one single off the one album by the band that Kim Deal formed between the early and late periods of The Breeders. It's a nicely chaotic tune, as is the first b-side (clocking in at a mammoth 1:14 - can see why they played with Guided By Voices). The sound and feel fits in very nicely with her other work, I really like it. It's kind of The Breeders but more nuts.

And a lot less polished, particularly the third track, which is great, if shouty and 110% distorted.

All good stuff, and interesting to hear if you're as poorly informed about The Amps as I was.

1. Tipp City
2. Just Like A Briar
3. Empty Glasses (Kim's Basement 4-track Version)

Here you go.