Wednesday, 4 May 2022

His Name Is Alive - Can't Always Be Loved 7"

I think this must have been a Peel thing, I vaguely remember hearing it on the radio and then going out to buy it the next day. Got the album this is off, too, and it's really great. Hope you like it.

Has a great thing on side A, which is that the single goes straight into the 4-track demo of the same song without any gap. Nice touch, as is having a version of my other favourite of their tunes as the B-side, pleasingly ramshackle, and they clearly didn't know how to end it. The album/single version of this one is worth seeking out too.

Please excuse any pops and crackles, I dropped this down the back of the sofa at one point.

1. Can't Always Be Loved (radio)
2. Can't Wait Forever (4-track)
3. Wish I Had A Wishing Ring (first one)

It's right here for you.

Friday, 15 April 2022

The Posies - Definite Door 7"

Hi. I had a couple of other things to put up, but then listened to this 7" for the first time in ages, and it is just brilliant, so thought I would demonstrate good sharing this month.

Great single, and three excellent covers, the middle one of which I'd never heard before, but very familiar with the other two. Hope you enjoy it!

Also I hope you appreciate that wherever and whenever I bought this, I paid 10p.

1. Definite Door
2. Song Of A Baker
3. Ooh Child
4. I Am The Cosmos

Here you go.

Sunday, 6 February 2022

The Pastels - Worlds Of Possibility 12"



You may have noticed that I haven't posted in nearly a year. No excuse, really, but my resolution this year is to go for one a month. Which I've already missed. But should manage better than one a year like 2021...

This is a great record. The single itself is awesome, and it has a special weird bit on the end which I don't even know what it is; it looks like a separate track on the vinyl, but it's not listed. Anyway, all good. Good b-sides too, track 3 is a cover of a song which I'm sure those of you with a better musical education will immediately recognise.

Hope you enjoy them, and see you again soon.

1. Worlds Of Possibility
2. Photogram
3. Love It's Getting Better
4. Ever Far

It's getting better here.

Sorry, the picture is a CD case nicked off the internet, but it is off a proper 12".

Saturday, 27 February 2021

Movietone - Mono Valley 7"

This is possibly another repost... But looks like if I posted it before it was at 160kbps, and like I said, I have a new turntable.

More of the Bristol thing, and the Planet thing. Movietone this time, pretty chilled stuff, but remember I mentioned the saxophone on the Crescent b-side? Well, it's back. If you liked it then, you'll love it now. If you found it unaccountably irritating then you will have to put up with it again. I remember, even at the time, thinking that the sax on some of Movietone's stuff was very annoying. But it's not all the way through.

I'm assuming the saxophone player from Movietone isn't going to read this.

1. Mono Valley
2. Under The 3000 Foot Red Ceiling

Free jazz here.

Saturday, 12 December 2020

Spacemen 3 - Hypnotized 12"

I see Jason Pierce started with the American spelling early on, before Spiritualized, based on this title. Really good tune, though! You can hear loads of what was to come on here, just sounds like early Spiritualized, even got some brass going on in there. You can also, I think, hear why he was the one who made it bigger post-Spacemen, although Pete Kember (Sonic Boom) did a lot of production work on stuff I like.

B-sides are OK, way more minimal than Hypnotized. The first is better than the second, which is I guess why it makes the cover. Some slightly painful rhyming-dictionary work to enjoy on track three, too.

1. Hypnotized
2. Just To See You Smile (Honey Pt. 2)
3. The World Is Dying

Dying/crying/sighing/flying here.

Monday, 22 June 2020

Tricky - Ponderosa 12"

More Bristol, naturally. This one I remember buying, the very next morning after hearing it on my little bedside radio on Mark and Lard's Radio 1 show. I used to listen to that show avidly, it's responsible for a decent chunk of my record collection.

There once was a record shop in Bristol (in a really scabby underpass by the bus station) called Replay. I went there weekly, if not more, and it was amazing. I'm sure if you Google it you'll find lots of nostalgia. At one point in the 90s they had four shops, one on a posher hill in Bristol, and three by the bus station; Replay, Replay Dance and Replay T-Shirts.

I only ever went in Replay (indie/metal), but they didn't stock Tricky, so I had to go to Replay Dance in my baggy jumper and DMs, get confused and disorientated by all the cool people and weird noises, and ask at the counter for this. It had blown my mind to the extent that I bought two and gave one to my friend Dave, whose HiFi had such loud bass that the floor shook on one of the b-sides.

Happy memories. I hope you enjoy it.

1. Original Version
2. Dobie's Rub Part 1
3. Ultramagnetic Terrorist's Power Club Mix
4. Original Instrumental
5. Dobie's Rub Part 1 (Tricky's Confusion)


Wednesday, 10 June 2020

Beatnik Filmstars - Supremer Queener 7"

Another huge gap between posts, but I am going to do better, promise.

More Bristol stuff, but Mobstar not Planet, back to the Beatniks. Remember I said I had one of their 7"s wrapped in wallpaper? Well, this is it. Those were the days, plastic sleeve printed with the band's name, then wallpaper inside, then white vinyl in its own plastic sleeve... It probably cost them as much to make as it cost me to buy.

But they saved on production costs with the music, as ever. Although actually these tracks aren't as unusually produced as most of their songs of this era, and along with this being probably my favourite of their EPs, they sound good too. Supremer Queener is a proper pop song, and should have been a massive hit. Possibly. All the rest are variously noisy and quiet, and genuinely this is a really, really good record. I hope you agree.

1. Supremer Queener
2. I Am A Pioneer
3. Seventies Flick
4. A Crazy Exploding

Wallpaper here.

Saturday, 11 April 2020

Crescent - Sun 7"

I think I've posted this before, but I am posting it (possibly) again for two reasons. One is that I have a new turntable, so it should sound better than it did last time. The second is that I've been on a bit of a Bristol 90s nostalgia trip recently, maybe for a simpler time, and this was part of it, Planet Records and all.

The main reason it's here is that it is one of my all-time favourite 7"s. Seriously. There are a lot that I love, but this one is really very high up the list. There's definitely an element of nostalgia in there, but it's just a great, great song, and I hope you like it too. The b-side is also really good, different style, bass mixed super-loud.

Also note the saxophone on the b-side, because it was possibly played by the same person who played saxophone for Movietone (given that everyone seemed to be in most Planet bands, one way or another).

1. Sun
2. They Are Rebuilding The City

Noise lives here.

Sunday, 22 March 2020

Constantines & Feist - Islands In The Stream 7"

Weird times, huh? Kenny Rogers dead. And some other stuff going down, but here's not the place for all that. Suffice to say that if you're not allowed out of your house for the next six months I will try to keep you entertained, two tracks at a time.

In honour of Kenny, here's a break from the normal 90s stuff, and a quick jump to 2008. Not available other than on this 7" (I don't think), which my wife bought me as a present, this is a great cover of one of my favourite songs, by one of my favourite bands of the time.

Hope you like it. Apologies for the amount of crackle, but maybe it's a brown vinyl thing.

1. Islands In The Stream
2. Trans Canada

Gibbs bros is here.

Sunday, 23 February 2020

Catatonia - Gyda Gwen very limited single-sided 7"

So, there I was, looking through my LPs, and realised I hadn't listened to Way Beyond Blue in ages. So I did, and had forgotten how much I liked it. Also, I had forgotten that my copy has a very limited 7" with it, with this track on one side, and nowt on the other.

It's all in Welsh, and it's really good. I'm sure it's available in other places, but I was excited to find it, so here it is. The "e" of Gwen has an accent on it, but I don't know where this is on the keyboard.

1. Gyda Gwen

Cerys before 6music is here.